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Eighth District Resource Budget Branch (dmf)

Reserve Management

Resource Budget
Branch Chief

Eighth Coast Guard District
500 Poydras St.
New Orleans, LA 70130
(504) 671-2200

Resource Budget Branch (dmf):

Welcome to the Eighth District Resource Budget Branch (dmf) web site. Our primary mission is to assist all field units in executing and managing a multi-million dollar budget. Staff duties include account management for the Eighth District ATU, budget execution, FEMA mission assignment management, staff procurements and property accountability, and civilian resource corrdination for premium pay and awards.

This site is designed to provide general information about our office and our missions. If you would like more in-depth information, feel free to contact us.

Branch Functional Statements

  • Aid the Chief of Staff in financial planning, budgeting, execution and review. Ensure the efficicent and effective management of appropriated funds.
  • Act as the principal financial management advisor for the District staff.
  • Develop and submit annual budget requirements. Administer funds allotted to the District Commander. Assist allotment fund control code (AFC) and project target managers in preparation of their financial plans. Advise the Chief of Staff and other staff officers of the annual budget and changes in the impact of the financial program on the District. Meet all fiscal policy requirements established by higher authority.
  • Identify financial data for the Chief of Staff and other responsible officers that may indicate program deviations, significant cost restrictions and fund or surpluses or shortages.
  • Serve as coordinator for the District Resource Management Board on such matters as budget development, taxing schemes, supplemental funding allocation and backlog procurement prioritization.
  • Manage Emergency Leave TONOs, orders and funding.
  • Prepare requests to Area Commander for additional funds.
  • Analyze the results of financial activities and supervise the preparation of financial management reports.
  • Serve as the delegated property officer for management of Coast Guard personal property for the District Staff. Coordinate efforts with BASE/DOL Property Officer.
  • Process purchase requests and execute small purchases for all District staff elements.
  • Prioritize the District's Shipmate's Fund requests.
  • Conduct annual audit of the District's extraordinary expense fund (XXF). This requires review of all financial transactions on teh account and certifies that the financial statement accurately represents the fund's financial condition and the books and records have been maintained using generally accepted accounting practices.
  • Manage the planning and executin of the programs for finance. Assure fiscal integrity is maintained throughout the District organization.
  • Ensure the reconciliation and certification of all District staff and subordinate unit accounting balances is accomplished in accordance with existing regulations.
  • Manage Undelivered Orders District-wide. Process and reconcile all funds transfers and CIFPs District-wide.
  • Collect cost data, compile and format invoices to bill FEMA or OGAs for Mission Assignments, as necessary.

Helpful Links

The following are some USCG websites that the Resource Budget Branch on a daily basis to help complete the aforementioned branch's functions:

Core Accounting System (CAS) Portal

CFO Tools Website (BMTS, OOVA, PCT)

Financial Center (FINCEN)

Budget Model

Spend Down Tracking Tool

Contact Information:

Branch Chief: (504) 671-2200

Budget Officer: (504) 671-2203

Fax Machine: (504) 671-2175

Primary email address:
Resource Budget Email

Last Modified 9/19/2013