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Station Key West - Arriving Members

Southernmost Lifesavers

FAQs for Incoming Personnel

  • Mailing Address: USCG Station Key West, 101 Trumbo Pt. Rd. Key West, FL 33040

  • Telephone Number: 305-292-8856 and fax 305-292-8861

  • Unit Missions: SAR, AMIO, PWCS, MLE

  • Typical Duty Rotation: 2 on 2 off sliding weekend duty rotation

  • Typical Radio Watch: 4 Hours

  • Length of Average Deployment or Case: 4 Hours

  • Number of Sorties or Cases Per Year: 200 SAR, 80 LE, and 1000+ MLE Boardings.

  • Uniform Normally Worn During the Work Day: ODUs or Hot Weather

  • Average Temperature: Summer — 90’s; Winter—70’s.

  • Type of Continuing Education Available within the Local Area: Florida Keys Community College

  •  Name and Distance to Nearest Major Military Installation: Sigsbee Navy Annex: 2 miles and NAS Boca Chica: 6

  •  Messing Available: Sector Key West cooks three meals per day (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner).

  • Quarters Available: Barracks are available at Sector Key West

  •  Location and Phone Number of Housing Office: Sector Key West- 305-295-1454.

  •  Local Cable Company: Comcast

  • Local Telephone Company: Comcast

  •  Recreation: Located on Base is a basketball and volleyball court, fitness room and picnic area. Navy MWR host numerous events around the island and south Florida. Key West is also the center of tourism for the lower Florida Keys.

  • Base Exchange: An exchange is located on Sigsbee Naval Annex. It contains a variety of jewelry, electronic, miscellaneous gift items and necessities at competitive prices. There is also a small mini-mart located on the Trumbo Naval Annex where Station key West is located.



KEY WEST, FL 33040
(305) 292-8856



Last Modified 3/25/2013