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Sector Key West - Arriving Members

Sector Key WestGuardians of the Keys



 Daily Routine:                     
  Monday, and Friday 0730 to 1530
  Wednesday 0730 to 1530, Quarters at 0800
  Tuesday and Thursday 0700 Sector Workout 0900 to 1530 Turn-to sector work.

Uniform of the day: Operational Dress Uniform.
For work without the ODU Blouse, Blue T-Shirt with U.S. COAST GUARD on left side.
Wednesday duty section for Colors: Tropical blue Long

  All married personnel and petty officers (E-4 and above) are authorized to collect BAH and live on the economy if they so desire.  Two bedroom houses run in the $1800 to $2200 per month range.   Many families and a few singles or geographical bachelors choose to live in Navy housing. There are 4 Navy housing sites in Key West.
    For Geographical Bachelors there are 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom geo bachelor quarters.  You have to sign a minimum 90 day lease.  The rate for the 2 bedroom is 14.46/day or 433.80/month and the rate for the 3 bedroom is 9.64/day or 289.20/month. They come furnished, but they can bring items such as pots/pans, microwave, small refrigerator, etc. and the beds are full size.
    Sigsbee is where most families live.  There are townhouses and duplexes from 2 to 4 bedrooms, the Child Development Center, and elementary school, and the commissary/exchange there.  Senior enlisted personnel may be assigned to waterfront homes with boat docks when those homes are available.  The Navy has both civilian and military living in their housing.  By Navy policy, the military have priority for assignment to housing and for waterfront housing
    Peary Court is the most recently built housing site. Only junior enlisted families are assigned to Peary Court. All Peary Court homes are 2 bedroom 2 story homes.  They are conveniently located across the street from Trumbo Pt.  Personnel can easily walk to work.
    Truman annex is on the old Navy Base on the far West end of Key West, It has small 2 br apartments and 3-4 br single family homes located near Old Town Key West.
    Trumbo Point homes are available for officers with designated areas for junior, mid-level, and senior officers. These homes are single family homes for senior and mid-level officers and town homes for junior officers.

   During the summer transfer season a wait of 30-60 days for family housing is possible. More information on Navy housing is available through the NASKW website at

    For members E-3 and below there is a UEPH located at Sector Key West. Members are assigned two per room, and each member has the use of one rack, a desk, wardrobe, night stand, and a common TV stand. The rooms are approximately 270 square ft., and include a closet. There is a TV lounge on the 3rd deck with a big-screen TV, and we are currently renovating the 4th deck for a new game room that will include 3 pool tables, dart boards, and another big-screen TV and stereo system.

   Our UEPH is currently fully occupied and E-3 and below may be assigned to Navy bachelor housing on Sigsbee.  The Navy bachelor quarters are former family housing town homes with 2 and 3 br.  Each member has their own bedroom and the homes are fully furnished including washer dryer.(no dishes and linens).

Housing Links:
Work Life Relocation Assistance
Real Estate
Citizens Classifieds

Vehicle Policy:                    
CPO and above given designated parking only.
    GV's for official use only, no overnight use without orders.
    Limited access to GV's; first come first serve.
    DHS sticker only, NO old CG stickers or DOD
    No speeding on base 15MPH or as marked.  Sector has a active enforcement polic

Qualification within a month of reporting aboard, normally 4 duty days and completion of the Watchstanders PQS attached to the above instruction.
    Base OOD E5/E6 non OPCEN personnel 1 in 15 rotation
    Base DMAA/SECURITY E5 and below 1 in 5 rotation
    Qualification depends on completion of SAR school, OJT and an Oral Board.
    Qualification depends on completion of OJT and an Oral Board.

There is a Navy Exchange, Commissary and Gas Station located on Sigsbee.  The Commissary in particular provides substantial savings over normal grocery stores.
    There is a small shoppette on the Trumbo base
    There is a bowling alley on Boca Chica.

There is a Navy Childcare center on Sigsbee, hours of operation are 0630 to 1730.

Work life Relocation information:

Hurricane Plan:                                 Hurricane Letter
When a hurricane threatens the keys
    We prep the base for heavy weather according to the hurricane plan.
    People designated as core cadre stay and take care of the immediate needs of the base and our mission.
    Everyone else evacuates to Orlando (mandatory for active duty, highly encouraged for dependents)
        The communication for an evacuation is based on phone tree system.  POC's for each division/department keep track of the remaining people and pass the word from the Evacuation Officer (CWO Burns) to evacuees.  In addition there are meetings at a designated spot for passing information.  The Servicing Personnel Unit (SPO) continues to operate at that same hotel to provide travel services (travelers checks/orders etc) along with the Hurricane Evacuation Assistance Team (HEAT).  Orlando is located in the middle of the state with a large supply of safe havens (Stout Hotels).  The availability of information, services, and a safe berthing are the reasons why Sector evacuates to Orlando.
    After the storm evacuee's return, fill out travel claims and commence cleanup, repair and operations.

KEY WEST, FL  33040
(305) 292-8779

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