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Sector Jacksonville Homeport Page

Homeport Jacksonville

Security Levels

National Terrorism Advisory System (NTAS) check current status

Sector Jacksonville Departments
& Tenant Commands

Title Phone
Sector Commander Captain Tom Allan (904) 564-7504
Deputy Sector Commander CDR Ladonn Allen (904) 564-7504
Command Master Chief CMC Thomas Daniels (904) 564-7637
Logistics Department Chief of Logistics, LCDR Pete Bosma (904) 564-7539
Response Department Chief of Response, CDR Douglas Stark (904) 564-7537
Prevention Department Chief of Prevention, CDR Alysa Prascovich  (904) 564-7549
Waterways Management Chief Waterways, LCDR Rob Butts (904) 564-7563
MSD Port Canaveral Supervisor, LT Elliot (321) 784-6781
Planning Department Chief of Planning, LCDR Seth Parker (904) 564-7546


Unit Command


Phone Number

ANT Jacksonville

OINC: BMC K. Nichols

(904) 241-8422


XPO: BM1 D. Ridgeway



ANT Ponce Inlet

OINC:  BM1 J. Holt

(386) 427-3227


XPO: BM1 Mendez





ATG Mayport

CO: LCDR H. Maldonando

(904) 270-6344




CGC Confidence

CO: CDR Passarelli

(321) 784-8176


XO: LCDR Glancy





CGC Hammer


(904) 564-7607


XPO: BM1 McWhorter





CGC Kingfisher

CO: LTJG  M. Martinelli

(904) 564-7600


XPO: BMC A. Hawley





CGC Maria Bray

CO: CWO Christopher Cartwright

(904) 564-7618


XPO: BMC J. Horne





CGC Shrike

CO: LTJG Blaisdell

(321) 868-4258


XPO: BMC Forbidussi





CGC Vigilant

CO: CDR Estramonte

(321) 853-7176


XO: LCDR Cronin





CG Exchange

POC: Becky Hunt

(904) 247-8740




ESD Mayport

Supervisor: Mark Toney

(904) 472-2920


POC: ETC Morgan





ESD Port Canaveral

Supervisor: Mark Toney

(904) 868-4239


POC: ET1 Setzer






CO: CAPT Cottrell

(904) 594-6814


XO: CDR L. Thompson





ISD Mayport

Supervisor: Walter Clark

(904) 564-7558




Maritime Force Protection Unit (MFPU)

CDR Love

(912) 573-2492


XO: LCDR Evans





Military Outload Blount Island

Supervisor: LT R. Bleicken

(904) 696-7180


Assistant: CWO L. Johnson





MSD Port Canaveral

Supervisor: LT Elliott

(321) 784-6780




MSST 91108


(912) 510-4800


XO: LT Nakamoto





STA Mayport

CO: CWO D. Schubert

(904) 564-7589


XPO: BMC  M. Jorgensen





STA Ponce de Leon Inlet

OINC: BMCS  Carrig

(386) 428-9085


XPO: BM1 H. Bounds





STA Port Canaveral

CO: CWO C. Perry

(321) 868-4200


XPO: BMCS D. Marshburn





CGC Sea Dragon

CO: LTJG Miller

(321) 868-4200


XPO: BM1 Williams





CGC Sea Dog

CO: CWO I. Christian

(321) 868-4200


XPO: BM1 Stone


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