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Welcome Aboard to Sector Jacksonville and Subordinate Commands



Personal Mailing Address:
Commanding Officer
4200 Ocean Street
Atlantic Beach, Florida 32233

Contact Information:
Commercial Phone #: (904) 564-7613
Underway Phone #: (904) 210-8072
Fax: (904) 564-7617
Fax: (904) 616-6050

The Maria Bray is the twelfth of fourteen “Keeper” class coastal buoy tenders built by Marinette Marine Corporation in Marinette, Wisconsin. The fourteen “Keeper” class cutters are named after famous lighthouse keepers.

Maria Brays History: Maria Bray was the wife of Alexander Bray, keeper of the Twin Lights on Thatcher Island. Maria’s husband, Alexander, was keeper of the lights from 1864 to 1869. In December of 1864, the assistant keeper of the light fell ill, so Alexander took him to his family on the mainland. During his absence, a storm blew in; so much snow had fallen that visibility between the mainland and the island was cut off. On the island, Maria Bray realized she would have to keep the twin lights burning, despite the high winds, drifting snow, and nearly 900 feet between the light towers. Maria Bray kept both lights burning from three nights until her husband managed to return from the mainland, using the lights to guide him. The valiant Maria lived to be ninety-three and died in 1921. Her courage and commitment to the safety of mariners is embodied by the United States Coast Guard Cutter, which bears her name.

Units Missions: MARIA BRAY’S primary mission is maintaining over 250 Aids To Navigation in from Georgetown, South Carolina To Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, To The Bahamas. Secondary Responsibilities include Marine Environmental Protection, Search And Rescue And Domestic Ice Breaking.

Typical Deck Force Job Assignment: Upkeep of aids to navigation, small boat crew, painting, performing preventive maintenance on weight handling equipment, and general upkeep of the cutter.

Typical Engineer Job Assignment: Large diesel engine troubleshooting and repair, heating and air conditioning repair, electrical repair, hazardous waste management, buoy deck crane operator, small boat engineer, and preventative maintenance.

Inport watch type and duty rotation for E-5 and above: All E-5 and above are required to qualify as CDO’s. Watch rotation is typically 1 in 8.

Inport watch type and duty rotation for E-4 and below: All E-4 and below will qualify as watchstanders. Watch rotation is typically 1 in 6.

Underway watch rotation for deck department: type: Helm and lookout watches, possibly Quartermaster of the watch. Rotation: 4 hours on 8 hours off.

Underway watch rotation for Engineering department: Engineer of the Watch (EOW). Rotation: 4 hours on 12 hours off.

Special procedures for reporting after hours: At the front gate use the phone to contact the Sector BDO, state your name, rate, and that you are reporting to the Maria Mray. The BDO will open the gate. Report to the bridge and the watchstander will notify the Command Duty Officer.

Uniform normally worn during work hours: Coast Guard ODU uniform

Uniform to report in: Tropical Blue Long w/ Combination Cover unless otherwise specified

Recommended uniform items to bring in addition to Sea-bag issue: Extra ODU uniforms, navy blue t-shirts with us Coast Guard, in white letters. The ship will provide other personal protective equipment.

Ratings present at unit: BM, MK, SK, FS, EM, ET, and DC. Other ratings are present at Sector Jacksonville.

Is messing available: Yes, we have a full functioning galley with served breakfast and lunches. Open galley dinners at night for the duty section and others member aboard.

Physical Fitness: Currently conducted two days a week when the ship is In-Port. Typically allowed 2 hours.

Unit Mutual Assistance Representative/Phone #: XPO 904-564-7613


Jacksonville: Ranked fourth among large cities by Money Magazine in 1998, Jacksonville is Florida’s “first coast”. Jacksonville is rich in history, mild in climate, and bursting with entertainment to fulfill a myriad of individual tastes.

Climate: Jacksonville’s mild climate is ideal for an array of recreational and outdoor activities all year long. The summers are warm, winters have mild temperatures, while fall and spring stay cool. The average annual temperature ranges from 67 to 76 degrees. The coolest months are December, January and February. July and august are typically the hottest months with temperatures as high as 95 degrees.

Leisure activities: Jacksonville is currently home to many sports teams, the Jacksonville Jaguars NFL team, the Jacksonville Suns minor league baseball, and a minor league hockey team. There are numerous parks and outdoor activities in and around the Jacksonville area. While downtown Jacksonville and the landing offers a marketplace of specialty shops, restaurants, and cafes.

Continuing education: Several colleges and universities are located in Jacksonville. Edward Waters College, a private and fully accredited institution; Jones College, a nationally accredited senior college of business; Florida Community College at Jacksonville, a two year state supported institution; and the University of North Florida, a four year, public state-supported institution.

Name of nearest military facility: Naval Station Mayport located across the street from the CG Base.

Location of nearest Exchange and Commissary: There is an exchange on base at Sector Jacksonville. The Navy Exchange and Commissary are off of Mayport Road, approximately 3 miles away.

Religious denominations in the area: catholic and protestant services are held on sunday at the naval station mayport chapel. All denominations are supported out and around town.

Is Government Owned Housing Available: No

Where do most dependents live: Jacksonville beach, Neptune beach, and the local Atlantic beach area.

What level of Tri-Care is available in the area: All are, Standard, Prime, and Extra. upon election of Delta Dental which is an extra cost.

Where do most dependents receive medical care: The medical facilities at Naval Station Mayport and at Naval Air Station Jacksonville are open to dependents, however the dependant can opt to be seen in town.

Is it advisable to bring dependants when first reporting: This depends on the members situation; however there are no quarters available on the ship for dependants. It is not advisable to bring dependants if the member has not arranged for quarters.

Is Unaccompanied Leased Housing available: Newly arriving single E-2’s and E-3’s move into the Government Leased Apartments in Jacksonville. E-4 and above are authorized BAH.

Is there a credit union in the area: There is a Navy Federal Credit Union onboard Naval Station Mayport. There are a few other credit unions out in town.

Rate of auto insurance for a typical single male/female, 18-20 years of age: $75-$150 a month; rate will vary for each individual. Members can contact insurance agencies around the area for individual rates.

Is there a mall in the area: Yes, there are 3 malls in the immediate area.

***If you have anymore questions please do not hesitate to call the Cutter at 904-564-7613.***

Last Modified 11/4/2012