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Sector Jacksonville Homeport Page

Homeport Jacksonville

Security Levels

National Terrorism Advisory System (NTAS) check current status

Welcome Aboard to Sector Jacksonville and Subordinate Commands

Welcome to USCGC Hammer


Personal Mailing Address:
4200 Ocean Street
Atlantic Beach, Florida 32233

Contact Information:
Phone: (904) 564-7607
Fax: (904) 564-7611
Underway Cell Phone # (904) 838-9279

Unit’s Missions: Fixed ATON and Marine Construction

Typical SA/SN Job Assignment: Deck department/Construction deck

Typical FA/FN Job Assignment: Engineering department/Construction deck

Inport watch type and duty rotation for SA/SN & FA/FN: JOOD (2330-0530), 1-4 rotation

Underway watch type and duty rotation for SA/SN & FA/FN: the unit usually pulls in or spuds down for the evening, where you’ll stand the same duty as inport

Special procedures for reporting after hours: report to OOD in Tropical Blue Long

If unit is underway, where to report: Report to Sector Jacksonville BDO

How much personal storage space (in cubic feet): 22 cubic feet

Uniform normally worn during the workday: ODU

Average temperature summer: Summer: 90 F Winter: 50 F

What type of continuing education is available in the area: Mayport Naval Station offers courses in addition to several local Junior Colleges

Ratings present at unit: BM, MK, DC and FS

Name of nearest city and distance: Jacksonville (the largest city in the continental U.S.) approx. 18 miles and Saint Augustine (the oldest city in the U.S.) approx. 32 miles

Name of nearest military facility and distance: Mayport Naval Station is located across the street from the CG Base, and Jacksonville Naval Air Station (20 miles)

Location of nearest exchange and commissary: CG Exchange located on-base

Religious denominations in the area: All

Common destinations of deployments: Brunswick, GA to Melbourne, FL and West to Sanford, FL

Uniform to report in: Tropical Blue Long

If sponsor not available, recruit should ask for: Executive Petty Officer

Any other information a newly arriving member should know: Average ten underway days a month, we are a tug and barge unit. We are a 75’ tug that pushes a 68’ barge with a Weatherford Crane onboard. There are approximately 1400 fixed aids to navigation in our Area of responsibility, ranging from day beacons to 40’ towers.

Is messing available: Yes

Quarters and or barracks available: Yes

Rate of auto insurance for typical 18-20 yr old: $150.00-$200.00 a month

Is Unaccompanied Personnel Leased Housing available: Yes

Where will a single non-rate more than likely live: Onboard until JOOD qualified, then UPLH

Should member submit housing application to housing office: Yes

Is there a credit union in the area: yes

Is there a mall in the area: 3 major malls

Cost of average two bedroom apartment in the area with utilities: $800.00-$1000.00 per month

BAH Rate:

Housing office phone #: (904) 564-7528

Where do most dependents live: Arlington, Southside and Inter-Coastal areas

Where do most dependents receive medical care: Mayport Naval Station or N.A.S Jax

What level of Tricare is available: STANDARD/ PRIME /EXTRA

Is Delta Dental available: Yes

Jacksonville, a metropolitan center of over one million people, is a friendly and comfortable place - a coastal community of neighborhoods as unique as the people who live in them. From luxury condo high-rises, to grand historic homes, to custom-built new communities in every style imaginable, there is a place for you to feel at home.

Outdoor activities abound, with 68 miles of Atlantic Ocean coastline, 300 miles of river and every imaginable topography in-between. Add to that our year-round fantastic climate and our low cost of living - Jacksonville is the most affordable city in Florida - and there's no wonder why this region keeps growing. With a bevy of top companies to choose from and new ones moving into the community daily, Jacksonville offers ample employment opportunities, has an attractive housing market, and a world class climate – four seasons without snow.

Last Modified 11/4/2012