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Welcome Aboard to Sector Jacksonville and Subordinate Commands



Personal Mailing Address:
USCG Station Ponce de Leon
2999 N. Peninsula Ave.
New Smyrna Beach, Florida 32169

Contact Information:
Phone: (386) 428-9085
Fax: (386) 428-0188

Unitís Missions: Search and Rescue, Law Enforcement, and Pollution Response

Typical SA/SN Job Assignment: Mess cook, Boat crew member, station maintenance

Typical FA/FN Job Assignment: Mess cook, Boat crew member, station maintenance

Inport Watch type and duty rotation for SA/SN: Watchstander, Boat crewman, 1-3 Inport

Watch type and duty rotation for FA/FN: Watchstander, Boat crewman, Eng 1-3

Special procedures for reporting after hours: Report to Officer of the Day

How much personal storage space: (IN CUBIC FEET) 75-100cft.

Uniform normally worn during the workday: ODUís

Average Temperature: Summer: 95F Winter: 65F

Unit Mutual Assistance Representative: Phone #: XPO (386)428-9085

What type of continuing education is available within immediate area?: Daytona Beach Community College, Embry- Riddle, and Steston university.

Is messing available: Yes

Quarters and/or barracks available: Yes

Rate of auto insurance for the typical 18-20 year old: $100-$150

Is Unaccompanied Personnel Leased Housing available: No

Where will a single non-rate more than likely live: On the economy

Should member submit Housing application to housing office: No

Where do most people bank: Nations Bank, First Union, NFCU

Is there a credit union in the area: Space Coast

Is there a mall in the area: Yes, the Daytona mall

Cost of average two bedroom apartment in the area: $800-1000

Current BAH rates:

Is leased housing available: No

Is government owned housing available: No

What is the average wait for a two-bedroom house/apartment: None

Housing office phone number: (386)428-9085 fax: (386)428-0188

Where do most members live: On the economy in the Daytona Beach area

Rate of auto insurance for the typical young family: $ 150 a month

Where do most dependents receive medical care: Halifax Medical Center, Daytona or Bert Fish, New Smyrna Beach

Ratings present at the unit: BM, SK, MK, FS, SN, and FN

Name of nearest city and distance: Daytona Beach, 10 Miles

Name of nearest military facility and distance: Patrick AFB, Cape Canaveral 50 miles

Location of nearest exchange and commissary: EXCHANGE ON BASE/COMMISSARY AT PATRICK

Area of responsibility if not a cutter: Matanzas Inlet To Haulover Canal

Uniform to report in: Tropical Blue Long

If sponsor is not available, apprentice should ask for: XPO

When first reporting to this unit you will be breaking in as a watchstander (radio). Then you will become boat crew, Engineer (FN), boarding team member qualified. Typical jobs for SN/SA will be maintaining the unitís boats except for the engine room, building maintenance, checking rescue and survival gear, etc. typical jobs for FA/FN will be assisting the MKís on Engine work damage control gear, building maintenance. The duty schedule is 1 in 3 (24 hours on, 48 hours off) with one all hands per week.

Orlando, Daytona, and Cocoa Beach are within 50 miles of this unit. Orlando has Disney, Sea World, Universal Studios and many other theme parks. They also have the Orlando Magic and the Solar Bears for sports fans. Daytona, New Smyrna and Cocoa Beach all have a large mall and Daytona International Speedway for NASCAR. There are many organizations to volunteer for the local schools; fire fighting and nursing homes are few examples. Opportunities to extend or start college in the area are excellent with three colleges & a university in the immediate area.

Last Modified 11/4/2012