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Welcome Aboard to Sector Jacksonville and Subordinate Commands



Personal Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 51288
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250

Contact Information:
Phone: (904) 241-8422 / 8401
Fax: (904) 246-1709

Unit’s Missions:The units primary mission is the servicing aids to navigation, positioning buoys and maintaining lighthouses.

Typical SA/SN Job Assignment:Standing day watch, maintaining unit grounds, boat, vehicles. Members will be qualified as a boat crewman and minor aid technician.

Typical FA/FN Job Assignment: Standing day watch, maintaining unit grounds, boat, vehicles. Members will be qualified as a boat crewman and minor aid technician.

Inport Watch type and duty rotation for all non-rates: 1 in 3 rotation

Duty crew underway working aids, daywork crew works around the shop. Weekend duty section stands by for emergency response only.

Special procedures for reporting after hours:Report to BDO, at Sector Jacksonville, located at 4200 Ocean Street, Atlantic Beach, Florida

If unit is underway, where to report: Call the unit at (904)241-8422 or the Sector BDO at (904) 591-1705

How much personal storage space: Locker space is provide to each member for safety gear and uniform items.

Uniform normally worn during the workday: ODU

Recommended uniform items in addition to seabag issue: As may work blues as possible, you will soil, pants more quickly than shirts.

Average Temperature: Summer Mid 90 Winter Mid 70

Is messing available: No

Quarters and/or barracks available: No

Rate of auto insurance for the typical 18-20 year old: $100.00-$200.00 a month

Is Unaccompanied Personnel Leased Housing available: Yes

Where will a single non-rate more than likely live: On the economy

Is there a mall in the area: There are three major shopping malls in the Jacksonville area.

Cost of average two bedroom apartment in the area: $800.00-$1,000.00

Current BAH rates can be found at:

Is government owned housing available: Yes, PPV Housing is available

Sector Jacksonville Housing office phone number: (904) 564-7528 or (904) 545-9515

Where do most dependents live: Arlington, Southside, and the Inter-coastal areas

Rate of auto insurance for the typical young family: $100.00-200.00 a month

Where do most members and dependents receive medical care: Naval Station Mayport Clinic

What level of TRICARE is available in the area: Standard

Is DELTA Dental available: Yes

Ratings present at the unit: Non-rates, BM, MK, and EM

Name of nearest city and distance: Jacksonville (10 miles)

Name of nearest military facility and distance: Naval Station Mayport (8 miles)

Location of nearest exchange and commissary: Navy Exchange / Commissary (5 miles)

Religious denominations in the area: All

Area of responsibility if not a cutter: From Sapelo Sound, GA to Matanzas Inlet, FL From the mouth of the ST Johns River to 90 miles upstream.

Uniform to report in: Summer: Tropical Blue Long


ANT Jacksonville Beach is located on 1.39 acres of land in a residential neighborhood, only a mile away from the ocean. ANT Jacksonville Beach has no messing or berthing available. All personnel assigned to this unit receive BAH and BAS in addition to their basic pay. Work hours are Mon.-Fri from 0700 to 1500.

When reporting onboard after boot camp, you will be introduced to the personnel assigned at the unit and issued personal protective gear. The XPO will assist you in filling out all necessary paperwork and housing arrangements.

ANT Jacksonville has three trailerable Aids to Navigation boats (TANB), and four 4x4 utility trucks. You will be given a three month period to qualify as boat crewman and ATON technician. Since ANT Jacksonville's primary mission is to maintain and service aids to navigation, proper training will be provided to enable you to perform all necessary ATON missions and tasks.

Personnel in the SA rating will be under the supervision of the deck department, and will be tasked accordingly to their expected field of work. Personnel in the FA rating will work in the engineer department and assist with boat maintenance and PMS of vehicles and trailers in addition to their ATON duties.

Since 3 of ANT Jacksonville’s boats are trailerable, new personnel will become proficient in driving utility trucks and trailers to and from the boat ramps, several of which are located in remote areas of Georgia and Florida. New personnel will also assist in maintaining historic lighthouse and will participate in community projects. Additionally, they will be responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of unit buildings grounds, vehicles and boats.

Medical and recreational facilities are located at Mayport Naval Station, an eight mile drive from the unit. Commissary and exchange facilities are available in the vicinity of the base and easily accessible for convenient shopping. A gymnasium is located both at the Mayport Naval Station and at CG Sector Jacksonville.

Several schooling opportunities are available in the Jacksonville area: Florida Community College at Jacksonville, University of North Florida and Jacksonville University.

Jacksonville is home to the three times play-off NFL team Jacksonville Jaguars. Jacksonville also hosts the Jacksonville Suns baseball team and the Barracudas Hockey team. Beachcombers will find the beaches accessible all year-round due to the favorable climate, while golf lovers can test their skills in one of the 50 golf courses in the area. Additionally, Jacksonville and NE FL have one of the richest cultural environments found in the state. Community festivals, concerts, theater performances, and are shows are hosted throughout the year, especially during the spring months, offering a large selection of attractions that will please all audiences.

Last Modified 11/4/2012