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Training Request

Training Request Process:

Reserve member submits a Short Term Training Request (STTR) form and Request for Reserve Orders form.

This maybe done via hardcopy or electronic copy. Digital signatures are acceptable.

Reserve member routes request to supervisor for approval.

Supervisor will submit to the department head.

Department head routes to the SRO for approval.

Once approved member submits to CWO Frank Jennings with the following information:

  • Full name and rank
  • School or course code number and name of the school Primary dates for the school or course (include secondary dates only if you are able to attend on those dates).
  • Contact information: phone number, civilian email, and USCG email.

If Quota is obtained, CWO Frank Jennings forwards to SPO.

SPO requests orders from D7.

If orders/funding approved by D7, SPO issues orders.

Member must then go into DA and insure that both travel and training orders (ADT, ODT, etc..) are in DA and approved before departing for the school.

Training Forms:
Short Term Training Request (STTR)
Request for Reserve Orders

*** Only members with CGTRNOFF access to Direct Access
may enter electronic training requests (ETR) in Direct Access.

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