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LAMS Now Required for Advancement to E-6

Leadership and Management School (LAMS) is now required for advancement to First Class Petty Officer (E-6).  LAMS training has been standardize for members preparing to assume supervisory positions.  LAMS is a 5-day course that develops leadership and management skills for front line supervisors and mid-level leaders through an experience-based curriculum.  Students are given the opportunity to develop practical skills that can enhance their performance as leaders.  Completion of lams will be mandatory for all Active Duty and Reserve E-5 seeking eligibility for advancement to E-6 effective 1 January 2009.  Beginning with the May 2009 SWE and the October 2009 Reserve SWE, completion of the LAMS course will be mandatory for participation in the E-6 SWE.

****It is highly recommended that each member review their rating’s Force Notes.****

Valued information is available referencing any changes to your rate

LAMS Class


LAMS is mandatory for all petty officers second class. If you are looking to advance then submit your RATE, FIRST, LAST NAME, EMPLID, UNIT ASSIGNED, and CONTACT EMAIL (personal EMAIL is Ok) to BMC Jane Sandy at


Once you are approved you must get orders from the SPO to attend.

Link to LAM's schedule click here.

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