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Assignment Year AY-11 marks the first time that all reserve assignment will be coordinated through Coast Guard Personnel Service Center Reserve Personnel Management (PSC-RPM-2). It is imperative that you read and follow the above references to ensure a smooth transfer process.

The RFRS staff will be available to assist with any questions and help you complete your E-Resume prior to the 30 Nov deadline.

Here are some important timelines:

  • 01 OCT: Deadline for all Command Concerns/PAL validations arrive at PSC-RPM
  • 08 OCT – 30NOV: Deadline for all LCDR and below to submit E-Resume’s
  • 27 DEC: Deadline for all CAPT-CDR to submit E-Resume’s
  • 15 JUL 11: All PCS orders released in Direct Access
  • 01 SEP 11: Deadline for RILO requests
  • 01 OCT 11: AY11 Assignments take effect
  • 01 DEC 11: RILO RET-2 status changes take effect

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Will there be an updated shopping list for junior enlisted E6 and below?
A. No due to the continuous influx throughout the year of new recruits and members being RELAD.

Q. When will the Shopping List be available in Direct Access?
A. 08 Oct 2010.

Q. Direct Access has my tour completion date as blank, when is my rotation date?
A. If you are an E7 to LCDR your tour completion date is 5 years from the day you reported to your unit, not your current position entry date. If you are E6 and below you will not be required to transfer in AY11 even if you have been at your unit for 5 or more years on October 2011 unless service needs dictate otherwise.

Q. I am an E6 who has been at my unit since 2002, am I required to submit an E-Resume?
A. No, however if you desire to transfer you can submit an E-Resume. Remember E6 and below are not required to submit an E-Resume but please be advised that you may be transferred if service needs dictate otherwise.

Q. What if I reported as an E6 in 2009 but I advanced to E7?
A. If you are in an E6 position and there are no E7 positions available for you at your unit then you will be considered tour complete and will have to submit an E-Resume.

Q. I am an E7 who is tour complete and there are no E7 positions available within my RCD? Will I be able to fill an E6 billet?
A. No, you are not allowed to fill an E6 billet if you are an E7 however you can fill an E8 billet if one is available and not being filled by an E8.

Q. What happens if I decline my orders?
A. You will be required to change RCC from SELRES to IRR, Standby Reserve or Retired Reserve. Members who decline assignment orders and request an RCC change to the IRR normally will be ineligible for a SELRES position until the next assignment year.

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