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Sector Jacksonville Homeport Page

Homeport Jacksonville

Security Levels

National Terrorism Advisory System (NTAS) check current status

Computer Information

Direct Access

The link below will take you to a page that will explain how to retrieve your forgotten password.

Click Here

The link below is the link to the Direct Access Online Manual for all your Direct Access questions.

Direct Access Online Manual

CG Portal
Learning Portal has now been renamed Learning Management System on CG Portal.  You can access this by clicking "Training and Education" in the middle of the link bar. Then click "Learning Management System" which will be located on the left vertical navigation bar.

You can also access CG Portal by utilizing your CAC reader.  Place your ID card in the reader. You need to navigate to  It will prompt you enter your pin.  Once you enter your pin you will be in CG Portal.
Save Paper
Make your life a little easier.  When at a workstation, print documents to PDF.  To do so print as you would normally but prior to clicking print change the printer to "Adobe PDF" and follow the instructions.
Helpful Links

Coast Guard Forms

USCG Forms - Click Here

For DOD and DD Forms

Click Here

Install a Printer
To install a CG printer, open internet explorer. In the address bar,type: \\d07ms-yjaxfps Hit enter. Select from list. Double click on the printer you would like to install. A box will open. (Probably empty) Just close it. Now try to print & you should be able to select that printer by using the drop down on the print page.
ESD Help Desk
For assistance with login and email problems call 904-472-2920.
Last Modified 4/16/2013