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OER Links

“Reserve Personnel Management (PSC-rpm)”

“Reserve Officer Management Branch (PSC-rpm-1)”

OER Signing Instructions

OER Signing and Signature Verification (Powerpoint) click here.

OER Forms

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OER Word Doc Template

In order to SAVE and route the OER pdf form, Adobe ACROBAT is required. Adobe Reader will only allow you to open the form, but will state ‘You cannot save data typed into this form’. If your supervisor is also a reservists and does not have access to Adobe Acrobat, consider completing the OER Word Doc Template and forwarding to your supervisor for review and editing outside of drill weekends.

The ROO is still required to download the correct pdf form, complete and route (at a minimum) the first section of the OER pdf form from either a CG computer or one with Adobe Acrobat.”

OER Word Doc Template

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Last Modified 10/27/2015