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Annual Forms Validation

Annual Required Forms

Annually, beginning in October and not later than 30 November, members must verify the following:

  1. Designation of Beneficiaries (CG/PPC-2020D): If ANY information on your existing form (in PDR) has changed, members need to complete and sign a new form. If all information on your existing form is accurate, members may just date and sign existing form in block 15.
  2. SGLI Election & Certificate (SGLV 8286) and SGLI Family Coverage Election & Certificate (SGLV 8286A): Complete new form(s) if there are changes to the beneficiary designation(s) or the member desires to change coverage elections. It is not necessary to re-complete the SGLV-8286/8286A if only the “Rank, title or grade” field or the “Current Duty Location” field has changed (e.g. A new form isn’t needed upon advancement, promotion, PCS or unit name change.)
  3. Direct Access BAH/Dependency Data Report: YN/OINC prints DA generated reports for member to verify, sign, date, and return to SPO. Annotate any necessary changes and provide SPO with supporting documentation, if necessary (Birth or Marriage Certificate, etc).

    Supervisors/OINC's: DA instructions to run report are located in DA Online Manual -Search- 'BAH', select 'BAH Dependency Form Print Procedure' / scroll to bottom select 'Generate BAH Dependency Forms for Members by Dept ID Procedure'
  4. DA Contact Information: Verify/update all contact information in DA (address, phone, email, Emergency Contacts, etc) Direct Access Login Employee / Tasks / EM contacts, Home & Mailing Address, Phone numbers, My Email Addresses

Additional Forms:
Run out of beneficiary space on your 8286? Use the SGLV 8289S.

Change in Dependencies

Every member has a responsibility to report all changes in dependency status immediately after the change has occurred. Complete a Dependency Worksheet (CG2020D) and provide other supporting worksheets if required by the instructions on page two of the form. All changes include when a member :

  • 1. Gets married, separated or divorced.
  • 2. Has an incapacitated child who turns 18 (If the member is approaching retirement, forward supporting documentation regardless of the age of the child).
  • 3. Gains or loses a dependent (for example, after a dependent dies, marries or divorces and reverts to dependent status).
  • 4. Has a questionable case of dependency.

Also, submit form SGLV-8286A, Family Coverage Election form whenever a member's marital status changes.

Bring these completed forms and your supporting documentation to the reserve admin staff for review and submission to the SPO for action.

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Last Modified 8/5/2015