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For Employee Review Instructions, quick reference guides, online tutorials and other EER information, go to the DA Online Manual: and click on Employee Review in the left column.

Member Counseling Receipt

The Approving Official is responsible for forwarding the completed employee review to the Supervisor to counsel and inform the evaluee.

The Supervisor is required to ensure the evaluee is provided with a printed counseling sheet and acknowledges receipt by obtaining their signature. The Supervisor and Evaluee should both maintain a copy of the signed counseling sheet.

92 Day Rule

For reservists performing temporary assigned duty (TAD) at a unit other than their permanent unit for active duty due to mobilization or short-term Active Duty for Special Work (ADSW), it is the responsibility of the unit where the evaluee is performing active duty to complete and submit the evaluee’s regular employee review when the evaluee has spent the last 92 days or more of the review period at that unit. The permanent unit provides supporting documentation for the evaluation. In cases where the evaluee has spent less than 92 days of the review period performing temporary assigned duty (TAD) at a unit other than their permanent unit for active duty due to mobilization or short-term ADSW, it is the responsibility of that unit to provide the evaluee’s permanent unit with supporting documentation to use in completing the regular employee review.

Personal Fitness Plan

All Reserve members shall complete sections 1,2,6 and 8.

This form is maintained by your supervisor (not ADMIN) and used as input for the Health and Well-Being block of your evaluations. All members should maintain their own copy, as well.

All Reserve members on weight probation shall complete ALL sections of the Fitness Plan. Admin must maintain copies of Fitness Plans for members on weight probation. This does not eliminate the requirement for your supervisor to maintain a copy, as well.

Fitness Plan Form


The EVALUEE is ultimately responsible for:

  1. Learning the EERS intent and procedures as set forth in these prescribed guidelines.
  2. Finding out what is expected on the job.
  3. Obtaining sufficient feedback or counseling and using that information in adjusting, as necessary, to meet or exceed the standards.
  4. Provide a list of significant accomplishments and Personal Fitness Plan.
  5. Signing in the member's signature block of the counseling sheet and retaining this form as a receipt to indicate acknowledgment of:
    1. The counseling and review of their employee review;
    2. The impact of their employee review on their Good Conduct eligibility;
    3. The appeal time frame;
    4. His or her advancement potential and recommendation.
  6. Verifying through Direct Access self service that their individual employee review has been properly recorded
Unscheduled EER:

For reservists performing TAD at a unit other than their permanent unit for active duty due to mobilization or short-term ADSW, upon completion of the active duty period a special employee review shall be completed by the TAD unit if more than 92 days has elapsed since the last regular employee review, and supporting documentation will be provided to the reservist’s permanent unit for the next regular employee review if less than 92 days have elapsed.

Long-term ADSW (140 days or more) at a unit other than a reservist’s previous SELRES unit is considered a permanent change of station; therefore, Article 10.B.5.b.1.b. applies: "Detachment for permanent change of station. Commands shall ensure members sign the counseling sheet for transfer employee review NO LATER THAN 15 days before departing the unit to allow adequate time for counseling and appeal processing if required."

Long-term and short-term ADSW are defined in Chapter 3.B.4. of the Reserve Policy Manual, COMDTINST
M1001.28B (series).

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Last Modified 10/27/2015