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Reservist Berthing Request DEADLINE: Updated 6 DEC 13

During the monthly Reserve Teleconference with District 7, which was held this morning, there were more changes made to the berthing requests.   ALL purchase requests that are originated by HS2 Fernandez need to be released no later than noon on the 5th of every month. What this means is if there are any late berthing requests after 12:00pm, these WILL NOT be approved, and members will have to use alternate measures (pay out of pocket, stay with a friend etc..). On January 5, 2014, HS2 Fernandez will release the IDT/ADT purchase request for the month of February.  

 There is now a duty IDT Berthing phone for members to call if they run into issues when checking into their IDT Berthing location - YN2 ARCE 305-510-2160. If no berthing request was submitted, or late entry was not added to the purchase request, YN2 Arce will not be able to assist you.  

 To recap last month's change, we are only submitting one purchase request for the month.   My suggestion is for every member to complete all berthing requests from February through September now (January's has already been submitted to District).   Please make sure you put where you will be drilling, and do not put station, United States, or Florida etc... Members will need to be specific as we cannot read minds.   Thank you and Happy Holidays,   V/R   Chief Clift Newberry

Reservists Requiring Berthing Arrangements  **IMPORTANT**
R 171330Z APR 13 Due to  Extraordinary Cost Saving Measures: The following IDT berthing guidelines will be utilized in order to reduce the number of excess room nights purchased:
A. Triple occupancy, when a procured room can reasonably support the assignment of more than two people.
B. Enlisted Members (E4 - E9) will be berthed together to the maximum extent possible.
C. Senior Enlisted - Junior Officers (E7 - O3) including Chief Warrant Officers, will be berthed together to the maximum extent possible.
D. All Officers (W2 - 06) will be berthed together to the maximum extent possible.
E. Separate berthing will be made for males and females.
F. CGIS agents will only be berthed with other CGIS agents.

Berthing Request Form

Berthing Request Electronic Form Submission for IDT

Berthing Request Electronic Form Submission for ADT

If unable to complete the Electronic Form, please complete form and email to gordon.c.fernandez@USCG.MIL at least four weeks prior to the drill date.

Berthing Request Word Document Form


Please read all the way through as there have been changes since May 2012.

When placing a berthing request, you have three options:

  1. Use the attached request form and submit online. Berthing Request Electronic Form Submission (Preferred Method)
  2. Download the Berthing Request Form Document and email it to gordon.c.fernandez@USCG.MIL

*Recommend submitting to RFRS office when you turn in your current hotel receipt.

Requests for IDT berthing must be made 2 days after your previous drill. Failure to submit a request will result in no IDT berthing the following drill.

You will receive an email with the name of your hotel and the confirmation number. If you do not receive a confirmation email by the Wednesday prior to your drill weekend immediately email gordon.c.fernandez@USCG.MIL or call 904-564-7506.

To cancel a confirmed reservation received, the member must notify and gordon.c.fernandez@USCG.MIL immediately as this will prevent unnecessary charges to the government. Member is potentially subject to any costs associated with “no show” events.

Upon check-out from Hotel; "Sign and Date Invoice" Place it on the RFRS Desk in the Sector Jacksonville Planning Office or email to gordon.c.fernandez@USCG.MIL or fax to 904-564-7508. Failure to submit your hotel receipt one day after you check out will result in  no IDT berthing the following drill.

Primary Berthing Coordinator is: HS2 Fernandez

Alternate Berthing Coordinator is: BMC Newberry

PH: 904-564-7630
FAX: 904-564-7508

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Last Modified 12/6/2013