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ADT Request Process

ADT Request Process

Important Information

PHA, Dental, weight, ASQ’s must be verified as current before requesting orders.

In your ADT request add in the remark section what training you will be conducting. Training shall be tailored toward your upward mobility or the Competency assigned to you. Any ADT request outside of this will need RFRS approval prior to ADT request submission.


Important Information Before requesting ADT-OTD you must first utilize your ADT-AT. It is the Member’s responsibility to enter their request for ADT orders at least 45 days in advance of the ADT start date. For Sector personnel please route ADT request to RFRS through your supervisor and Department Head. For Station personnel please route ADT request to RFRS through your supervisor and SERA.

Remember to hit the SAVE button after you hit the ROUTE button, or else your orders will go nowhere.

Submit through your supervisor the Waiver of Annual Training (AT) Requirement if cannot meet current year obligation.

Civilian Employment Waivers

As per the Reserve Policy Manual, there are NO waivers due to civilian employment.

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Last Modified 8/12/2015