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Security Levels

Waterways Management Division

Sector Jacksonville
Prevention Department

4200 Ocean Street
Beach, FL 32233

LCDR Robert S. Butts
Chief, Waterways Management Division

LCDR Butts

Chief Waterway Management Division


LTJG Alexander

Assistant WWM

564-7500 ext 7721

CWO Tomasi

ATON/Safety Officer


MSTC Vallier


Facility/Containter Inspection Branch

564-7500 ext 7700/7702

MST1 Pottgieser

Lead Petty Officer

564-7500 ext 7712

MST2 Bolick

564-7500 ext 7713

MST2 Bonts

564-7500 ext 7716

MST3 Battle

564-7500 ext 7710

MST3 Buckner

564-7500 ext 7711

MST3 Sunstrom

564-7500 ext 7714

Waterways Management Branch

564-7500 ext 7701

MST1 Fegley

Lead Petty Officer

564-7500 ext 7713

MST2 Morreale

564-7500 ext 7714

MST3 Clingersmith

564-7500 ext 7714

Duty Phones

Pollution Investigator Primary


Pollution Investigator Secondary


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