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Maritime Transportation Recovery Unit

Event Data Sheet

MTS Recovery

USCG Sector Jacksonville is currently updating the information used to measure the effectiveness of MTS Recovery efforts within the port and the status of commercial operations post-incident. This information is not shared with the general public and is used to help the MTS Recovery Unit prioritize recovery efforts and gauge the effectiveness of the response. We request you review the criteria below and provide the information to the MTSRU either using this online form or by downloading the form.

Fax Option and Sample Form

MTS Recovery Event Data Sheet - Word Format (Fax to (904) 564-7605 ATTN MTSRU)
Download for Fax option

Sample MTS Recovery Event Data Sheet - PDF Format
Download to View

Facility Contact Information  *REQUIRED INFORMATION


Operational Status

Please select the appropriate answer.
Operating at pre-incident capability.
Operating at a reduced capability.
No capability to conduct transfer operations due to damage to the facility/piers/wharves, due to obstructions preventing vessel from mooring at the facility, and/or the Captain of the Port has closed the waterway.


Is the Facility Capable of Receiving Vessels if the Waterways are Open:

If you do not receive your next scheduled shipment, what is the impact on the local, regional, or national supply chain?

What can the U.S. Coast Guard do to assist in your recovery (resources, regulatory relief, priority of vessels, etc.)?

Please double-check the information you entered. When everything is correct click "Submit".

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Last Modified 8/8/2015