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Medical - Readiness

Know Your Status

Members should routinely monitor their medical readiness status. You can easily know the dates of your last exams and any pending exams, blood work or immunizations that may be needed. From a CG Workstation - log onto CG Portal - Business Intelligence. Click on Personal View. You will then see the various readiness elements listed under the "Informational" title. To see the specific tests, exams and dates of each element - click on "show details" (smaller blue colored text to the right of Informational).

CGBI Auto Reminder Setup

It is recommended by command to setup an auto reminder in CGBI, that will provide basic readiness alerts via email.

Steps to setup auto reminder:

If you go to CGBI, click on the link "my profile" in the upper right corner and then under the column "My Personal Notifications" adjust the following:

I am currently receiving monthly summary notifications. "edit my settings" or "I am not currently receiving notifications sign up now."

When you select edit "my settings" or "sign up now":
You will receive the following instructions:

  • Which email address should we use?
  • Which compliance measures do you want notified about?
    Select one or more:
    Medical Test
    Clearance Val
    Specialty Exam
  • How often should we notify you?
    Sign me up for Status Changes
  • For each measure you selected we will send an email when your measure status changes;
    and/or Sign me up for a Monthly Summary. When should we send the email?
    1st 2nd 3rd 4th Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday of each month.
  • Then click "Save" button.
  • Finish by clicking "Subscribe Now" button.
Individual Medical Readiness

Per COMDTINST M6150.3 (Dec 23, 2008), assessing Individual Medical Readiness (IMR) is a continuous process and must be monitored and reported on a regular basis to provide service leaders and commanders the ability to ensure a healthy and fit fighting force ready to deploy. IMR consists of six elements: Individual Medical Equipment (IME), Immunizations, Readiness Laboratory Studies, Dental Readiness, Deployment Limiting Conditions (DLC) and Periodic Health Assessments (PHA)

It is the personal responsibility of each member of the Coast Guard active duty and reserve community to maintain their medical readiness levels at all times.



HIV draws are now being done during a member's PHA. If a member turns red in Medical Test for HIV it is not a issue unlees they are also red in their PHA also. This means they have neglected to have their PHA completed during the required period. If someone needs a critical HIV draw for orders or other special reason Sector Jacksonville Sick Bay can help resolve the issue.

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