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Medical PHA

Periodic Health Assessment

Per COMDTINST M6150.3 (Dec 23, 2008), the PHA will replace the routine five year physical examination. Every Coast Guard member will receive a PHA annually during the member’s birth month period.  A member’s birth month period is defined as the actual month of birth and the preceding two (2) months.

Specialty exams such as DOD Medical Review Board, MEPS, OMSEP, commissioning, retirement, release from active duty, overseas screenings, Command Afloat examinations, etc… will still be required.
This annual, multi-component, face-to-face individualized assessment provides opportunity to assess changes in medical health status, especially those that could impact a CG member’s readiness to perform military duties. The PHA visit and all IMR data shall be documented in a secure electronic system (MRRS) and in the member’s health record.

Member Responsibility

It is the CG member’s responsibility to make and keep the PHA appointment during the birth month period. Follow these three steps:

STEP 1: Members must know the name/address of their Health Records Custodian (XO, HS) and what region they belong to (PAC/LANT)

STEP 2: Prior to making your appointment, members must complete a Health Risk Assessment (HRA) by accessing the following website: 

(If the link is down use manual form.. click here)

On the HRA homepage, in the UIC (Unit Identification Code) space, enter 070737100 without dashes or spaces. All reservists must type in the letter “R” in front of their UIC  (e.g. R070737100). Your Unit OPFAC number can be found on your printed LES in Box 21 or by contacting Sector Admin.

SECJAX Proper/MSD: 07-37100

STEP 3: Members who do not receive their primary care at CG clinics (SELRES) must call the Reserve Health Readiness Program (RHRP) to make their appointment at 1-800-666-2833.  The hours of operation are M-F 0700 - 2200 CST and Saturday 0700 – 1500 CST.

While on the phone, members will then be scheduled an appointment within 50 miles of their home zip code and mailed a “PHS Kit”. Follow the instructions within the “Kit”. Females please contact medical for special information prior to making your appointment.

PHA Resources


PHA Notes

It is advisable members print both forms and use as a guide when scheduling their PHA exam.

This PHA exam is nothing like you may ever had, it is a very simple exam. This exam is contracted to CIVILIAN family practice providers, occupational care clinics and some acute care clinics. Member’s are not and will not be seen at a Military Treatment Facility. Members will receive either an envelope with forms and instructions; others may receive both with supplies. Blood and urine may or may not be drawn and depends on your age and history provided to the contract medical provider.

Contract approved by the Coast Guard results in that member’s will be scheduled with a provider within 50 AIR MILES of their home address.

Members who have had an approved MLC physical exam in 2008 will be exempt in obtaining a PHA exam during their birth month of the year 2009.

Any questions please contact Sick Bay and speak to any HS week days or 3rd Drill weekend.

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