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SWE Information

Here is the process to sit for the RSWE as far as ESO is involved.  Your department may have additional procedures that need to be followed:

  1. Read and follow every detail of the attached ALCGRSV 030/14.
  2. Complete quals as indicated in ALCGRSV 030/14 by deadline.  ESO does not need to review your quals, if you have questions about your qual's speak to your supervisor.
  3. Get everything done by 1 Jul as per ALCGRSV 030/14 and wait on PDE (you can view it in DA).
  4. Review PDE and make corrections as per ALCGRSV 030/14 deadline(s).
  5. Here is when ESO becomes involved....  about 3 weeks before RSWE I receive the exams.  ESO will contact every person on the list to see if they are sitting and to provide them instructions.
  6. Every person sitting will receive a chit from ESO via email (same as last year) saying they completed their quals and the member is eligible to sit.  Member must have it signed by their supervisor (at least E7) and they must bring the chit, along with military ID to RSWE.  I do not need to see anything prior to the morning of RSWE.  Everyone will receive numerous emails from ESO with these instructions in September.

Please let me know if you have any questions.  The most important thing is for folks to read and follow ALCGRSV 030/14.

ESO, Sector Jacksonville




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