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ESO - NOBE Request

NOBE Request


This important info is being passed at the request of the PSC Reserve Personnel Mgmt Div:

The Notice of Basic Eligibility (NOBE) is a controlled form and must not be posted nor blank forms given to anyone.

To eliminate a lot of the confusion with the NOBE, only four units are authorized to give NOBEs: TRACEN Cape May for REBI graduates, TRACENPetaluma & Yorktown for "A" School graduates and PSC-rpm-3 (Reserve VA Education Office) for all other reservists.

If a reservist is requesting MGIB-SR eligibility and/or NOBE, please direct them to with MGIB-SR and their name in the Subject line.

Someone will work with each reservist who sends an email to that address. Their records will be researched for eligibility, a Direct Access code will be entered (this is what is sent to VA) and a NOBE prepared and sent to the member.

MGIB Flow Chart

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Last Modified 8/6/2015