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In MS Word Format.  

File naming format Year Month Day (ie June 15, 2009 will be 20090615.doc.

20090209- 00184KBDOC File
20090303- 01086KBDOC File
20090327- 01186KBDOC File
20090410- 01298KBDOC File
20090515- 013102KBDOC File
20090615-01599KBDOC File
20090714-01693KBDOC File
20090824-01797KBDOC File
20090915-019112KBDOC File
20091030-021118KBDOC File
20091217-022109KBDOC File
20100115-01104KBDOC File
20100203-0298KBDOC File
20100310-0299KBDOC File
20100401-04100KBDOC File
20100501-05102KBDOC File
20100601-06108KBDOC File
20100701-07106KBDOC File
20100901-0996KBDOC File
20101101-11102KBDOC File
20110201-02106KBDOC File
20110301-0393KBDOC File
20110401-0499KBDOC File
20110501-05105KBDOC File
20110601-06106KBDOC File
20110901-0970KBDOC File
20111101-1150KBDOCX File
20111201-1251KBDOCX File
201201-0149KBDOCX File
201202-0249KBDOCX File
201203-0349KBDOCX File
201208-0853KBDOCX File
201209-0953KBDOCX File
201211-1152KBDOCX File
201212-1252KBDOCX File
201301-0153KBDOCX File
201303-0352KBDOCX File
201304-0457KBDOCX File
201305-0560KBDOCX File
201306-0655KBDOCX File
201307-0755KBDOCX File
201308-0855KBDOCX File
201309-0953KBDOCX File
201310-1052KBDOCX File
201311-1155KBDOCX File
201312-1255KBDOCX File
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