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Security Levels

Sector Charleston Reserves



Reservists are required to be physically qualified for service. A periodic dental exam and a PHA are required to ensure readiness.

Periodic Health Assessment (PHA): the annual PHA is required for all Coast Guard active duty (AD) and SELRES members during their birth month period, but may complete their PHA up to 2 months prior to their birth month. SELRES members are encouraged to use Readiness Management Periods (RMPs) in order to complete their PHA.

Members have 2 options for completing PHA:

  1. Contact Sector Medical at 843-740-3147 to schedule an appointment to be completed at Sector Medical
  2. Contact Logistics Health at 888-697-4299

For either option, members are required to complete questionnaire at 7-digit unit OPFAC number (no dash) is required for to login. Printed copy of completed questionnaire must be taken to the PHA appointment.


Dental Examinations: All SELRES members are required to receive an annual Type II dental examination to be medically cleared for service. Reservists must be Dental Class I or II to be considered worldwide deployable. The Coast Guard mandates an exam only; no dental cleaning is required.

For members without dental insurance and more than 50 miles from a CG Dental Facility contact the RESERVE HEALTH READINESS PROGRAM (RHRP) DENTAL SCREENING NUMBER AT 1-888-697-4299 to schedule an appointment with a contract dentist for a dental screening examination only.

Last Modified 1/27/2012