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Sector Charleston Reserves

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Each August until the end of October, all reservists regardless of component category are required to fill out the Annual Screening Questionnaire (ASQ). The survey ensures vital recall information is accurate. Members are required to answer the ASQ even if no information has changed over the past year.

Reservists are required to update their ASQ records in DA when contact information has changed.

Log on to Direct Access (DA). Click on Self-Service > Employee > Tasks > Annual Screening Questionnaire.

Fill out the ASQ acknowledgement. The choices are "I understand and accept" and "I do not understand or do not accept." If you select "I understand and accept" choose "Available" in the Recall Availability dropdown.

If "I do not understand or do not accept" option is selected, this may have serious repercussions, and could result in a temporary transfer to the Standby Reserves or a discharge. Members must contact their supervisors immediately if this answer is selected.

Once this acknowledgement is complete, click on "Personal Information." Update any invalid information. Click "Save."
Reservists whose e-mail addresses are entered in DA will have an ASQ reminder sent to them each year.

You can also fill out form CG-3799R and submit to your SPO YN for processing.


Inactive Duty Training (IDT): Members are authorized 48 paid drills per fiscal year. Minimum participation standards mandate members attend at least 90% of all scheduled IDT drills.

PHA & Dental

PHA and Dental requirements can be found on the medical page along with additional medical information.

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