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Security Levels



Prevention Department


Sector Charleston is responsible for all Coast Guard operations directed at preventing maritime casualties, accidents, and security incidents.  The Prevention Department is divided into three areas: Inspections, Investigations, and Waterways Management.

Inspections - (843) 740-3180 Option 3 (Port State) or Option 4 (Domestic)

  • Facilities - Applies to facilities regulated by 33 CFR 105, 126 and/or 154.
  • Port State Control - Inspects foreign commercial freight vessels to include Bulk, Tank (Tank vessels must schedule inspections at least 7 days in advance), Container, Passenger, and LNG/LPG Ships.
  • Domestic Vessels - T-boats, K-boats, H-boats, uninspected passenger and towing vessels, and commercial freight ships.

Investigations - For immediate marine casualty or accident notification call (843) 740-7050. For all other investigation issues please call (843) 740-3180 Option 6 or (843) 740-3187 The Marine Investigations Program investigates deaths, injuries, property loss, and environmental damage to determine the associated human performance, equipment, and environmental causal factors; investigates merchant mariner negligence, misconduct, incompetence, and dangerous drug use leading to appropriate remedial MMC suspension or revocation; investigates criminal and civil offenses for assessment of civil penalties or referral for criminal prosecution; analyzes trends and risks in the maritime industries.

Waterways Management - (843) 740-3180 Option 5
Safeguards the port by minimizing personnel injuries and the damage or loss of property associated with vessel and commercial waterway activities with 300 miles of coastline & major inland commerce routes.  WWM fosters close partnerships with the marine industry and local, state and federal agencies, ensuring navigation safety with Sector Charleston's AOR for myriad operations & marine events.

Waterways Analysis and Management Study (WAMS) Questionnaire

Marine Event Application

Fireworks Addendum - Fireworks Addendum to Marine Event Application

Last Modified 7/16/2013