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A. Reserve Po l icy Manual, COMDTINST Ml001.28B(Series)

B. Joint Federal Travel Regulations (JFTR)

c . Coast Guard Supplemental to the Joint Federal Travel Regulations, COMDTINST M4600.17A(Series)

1 . This message provides reserve management guidance to units serviced by D7(dxr) for FY15 .

2 . FY15 will continue to be an extremely dynamic year from a financial management perspective. Anticipated resource allocations are still unknown at this time. It is imperative that we establish business rules that ensure the greatest return on investment of the limited training funds available. The following guidance will be used to manage reserve orders in FY15.

3. Active Duty Training- Annual Training (ADT-AT) : The primary purpose of ADT-AT is to provide individual and/or unit readiness training. Commands shall provide D7 (dxr) an annual training plan for FY15 prior to 30SEP2014. Training plans will include structured periods for ADT- AT and IDT to meet competencies, certifications, and readiness.

A. Annual ADT-AT shall be scheduled in Direct Access by 1 October 2014 for FY15. Priority for ADT- AT funding will be allocated for members that submit request by 1 October 2014. Subsequent prioritization will be for first term enlistees pursuing operational competencies. Then members with approved C-school training quotas or training requests for required competencies or advancement. All other requests will be subject to availabilities of funds.

B. Members should plan to conduct their training requirements within the 12 allotted days (exclusive of an authorized travel day for those outside of the reasonable commuting distance). ADT-AT Orders in excess of 12 days will be considered for approval on a case by case basis for class C-School attendance, initial qualifications, and requirements for advancement.

C. Non-consecutive ADT-AT orders will be approved on a case by case basis for SROs, Silver badges, and at the request of t he command.

D. Members that serve on active duty orders of 31 days or more (ADOS,

IADT) will be the lowest priority for ADT-AT during the fourth quarter of FY15 if funds permit.

E. Requests for ADT-AT orders should be forwarded via Direct Access through supervisors, SPO and reviewed by RFRS/DOL-31. RFRS will then forward validated orders to D7 (dxr) for approval on a quarterly basis. All orders for DCMS personnel that are inconsistent with the approved ITP must be reviewed by DOL-31 prior to DXR approving the orders.

F. Commands shall discourage any ADT-AT orders that fall within Federal, State and Territorial holidays unless there is a direct operational requirement.

G. A description of the proposed duty shall be included in order notes along with a cost estimate for travel (if required).

H. Members are reminded that all official travel must be arranged through a Government Contracted Travel Management Center (e.g . SATO) .

See .asp for more information.

I. Rental cars may be authorized on a case by case basis. Member shall provide D7 (dxr) with a cost benefit analysis demonstrating a rental car is more advantageous to the government.

J. While on ADT- AT orders, liberty should be carefully balanced with training requirements to maximize training time, enhance proficiency, and meet readiness requirements.

K. Travel claims must be submitted the last day of duty vi a Web TPAX or NLT 05 working days after completion of orders. Failure to complete travel claims in a timely fashion will cause future benefits to be suspended until travel claims are completed.

L. D7 (dxr) must be immediately notified of any cancellation or change of ADT orders. Units are prohibited from amending or cancelling Reserve Orders already approved by D7(dxr) without proper authorization.

M. No reservist shall report for any type of duty without being in receipt of orders. Units may be liable for the cost of improperly executed orders. D7 (dxr) will not issue ADT-AT orders to any member reporting for duty without having received proper authorization to conduct ADT.

N. ADT-AT travel related expenses must be minimized to the maximum extent possible. The following strategies should be employed by unit commanders to help constrain ADT related costs when submitting requests for reserve orders to D7 (dxr) for approval.

(1) Direct use of government messing and lodging IAW 02570-A Ref C.

(2) ADT-AT requests where berthing is required will be processed through D7 reserve berthing coordinators. D7 (dxr) expects members on ADT-AT to maximize use of government contracted berthing and double occupancy rules outlined in Refs A, C, and Para 4.B. of this message.

4. IDT drills:

A. Annual IDT drills shall be scheduled i n Direct Access for all of FY15 by 1 October 2014. Annual IDT drill dates shall be provided in writing to reserve members IAW Chapter 2 of Ref A. Drill dates shall be validated each quarter.

B. IDT batching is authorized for all Selected Reserve (SELRES) not on active duty orders. Members may batch up to their quarterly IDT allocation. I f members batch drills in conjunction with ADT orders,

ADT must be completed first to ensure full entitlements.

C. Members changing a scheduled drill with less than 30 days advance notice will not be allowed to reschedule drills until the following month.

D. Members that serve on active duty orders of 31 days or more in FY15 are not authorized to make- up IDT drills that would have been available during the period of active duty.

5. IDT berthing:

A. Commands are responsible for providing AFC-30 funded travel orders

(TAD) to reservists ordered to a l ternate drilling locations (if required). The goal will be for D7 (dxr) to provide berthing locations and confirmation numbers 30 days before t he scheduled drill date.

B. IDT berthing will be IAW Ref A. Available military facilities will be the first choice for IDT berthing. Reservists should continue to expect to be double-berthed to the greatest extent possible. Members drilling for points only are not authorized IDT berthing. It is D7(dxr) practice that same gender, Enlisted Members (E2-E9) may be berthed together, Senior Enlisted-Junior Officers, including Chief Warrant Officers(E7-03) , may be berthed together, and Officers (W2 - 06) may be berthed together .

C. Requests for IDT berthing will be scheduled using quarterly orders. Any berthing changes for excused absences must be forwarded to D7 (dxr) via members command and/or Sector RFRS staff. Members will not be allowed t o make up canceled drills until the following month. Late requests will not be accepted.

D. Commands shall discourage any IDT drills that fall within Federal, State and Territorial holidays unless the duty is in direct support of an operational requirement.

E. Members may be required to provide a credit card by the lodging provider at check-in to cover incidental expenses. Failure to provide such a guarantee may result in the lodging location rescinding the reservation. As a reminder, members are prohibited from using their personal Government Travel Charge Cards to cover incidental expenses at IDT berthing locations.

F. All members using IDT berthing at commercial facilities are to provide copies of the invoice to t he DXR berthing email address 007-DG-ReserveBerthing(at) within three business days. Failure to comply with invoice procedures will result in suspension of Berthing privileges.

G. Final deadline for requesting IDT berthing for FY15 is 15JUN2015.

H. Reserve members have the option to use their GTCC for procuring transportation tickets through the TMC from home to drill site. Use of the GTCC by drilling inactive duty reservists is not authorized for any other transportation expenses that may be incurred. This travel is not reimbursable. However, procuring tickets through the TMC with the GTCC will allow reservists to avail themselves of the GSA City-Pair rates.

6. Readiness Management Periods (RMPs): FY15 guidance will be released by CG-1312 later. We anticipate one paid RMP will be authorized in FY15.

7. Individual Training Plans (ITPs) . ITPs provide justification for D7 (dxr) funding requests and serve as a guide for ADT-AT funds execution during the year. ADT- AT training requests must match ITPs.

Commands must supply justification for any ADT-AT orders that do not match members ITPs to D7 (dxr) for consideration.

8. Active Duty Training-Other Training Duty (ADT-OTD): ADT-OTD is not expected to be funded in FY15.

9. D7 (dxr) Points of Contact :

A. Branch Chief: LCDR Richard Lavigne 305-415-7070

B. Readiness and Training Manager: LT Scott M. Lil ley 305-415-7072

C. AFC-90 Funds Manager: Mr. Kevin McGee 305-415-7074

D. Berthing Manager: SK1 Maurice Hawkins 305-415-7103

E. Berthing Coordinators:

a. CGDSEVEN, Key West, San Juan, Sector Miami, Base Miami, SouthCom,

CGIS: YN2 Aileen Arce 305-415-7075

b. Sector St. Petersburg : SK3 Kelly Jackson 813- 228- 2191

c. Sector Jacksonville: HS2 Gordon Fernandez 904-564-7500

d. Sector Charleston: SK2 Brian McMurry 843- 740- 7065

F. Reserve Orders: YN2 Moises Nunez 305-415-7073

10. Internet release authorized.

11. RADM Jake Korn, Seventh District Commander.






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