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United States Coast Guard District Seven
Bridge Administration Branch

Miami, Florida


Bridge Administration

The Coast Guard Bridge Administration Branch located in Miami, FL is responsible for issuing Coast Guard Bridge Permits for the construction, replacement, or modification of bridges which cross navigable waters of the United States located within the Coast Guard Seventh District.  This office is also responsible for regulating the opening schedules for movable span bridges (draw bridge swing bridges etc.) located in the Coast Guard Seventh District.  The Area of Responsibility for this office includes: South Carolina, Georgia, Puerto Rico, and Florida (with the exception of the pan handle).

Chief, Bridge Branch    
Mr. Barry Dragon (305) 415-6743 Email:
Bridge Permit Section    
Mr. Brodie Rich   (305) 415-6736 Email:
Ms. Evelyn Smart (305) 415-6989 Email:
Darayl Tompkins  (305) 415-6766 Email:
Bridge Operations Section    
Mr. Michael Lieberum (305) 415-6744 Email:
Mr. Gene Stratton (305) 415-6740 Enail:
Transportation Specialist
William (Gwin) Tate  (305) 415-6747 Email:
Last Modified 12/4/2013