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United States Coast Guard District 7
Organizational Performance

Miami, Florida


CW02 Kurt Kolar, 305-415-6719

Mr. Joe Fierro, CTP, 305-415-6698

Welcome to the USCG HQ Enterprise Strategic Management & Doctrine Directorate, Performance Excellence Division's Detachment in Miami, FL!

The Organizational Performance Consultants (OPC's) serving the Seventh District are CWO2 Kurt Kolar, USCG & Mr. Joe Fierro, CTP.  (see contact information below).

We're proud to be working with the fine professionals of the "Super Seventh" and doing our part to advance the Commandant's, Area and District Commander's "U.S. Coast Guard Excellence" programs in the D7 region.

We'll soon be populating this site with pertinent information, schedules, methods and programs enjoyed by the highest performing leaders, managers and tacticians in the world!

Highlights include: Commandant's Performance Challenge (CPC), Alexander Hamilton Award, Commandant’s Innovation Council, Performance Factor Profile (PFP) Guidance, Workplace Climate Assessments, Commandant's Performance Excellence Criteria (CPEC) Tutorials / Consulting, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Covey 7-Habits of Highly Effective People, Strategic / Business Planning, Meeting Management, Facilitating Skills, and much more!

Other OPC primary products and services include, but are not limited to:

(1) Administering and/or analyzing assessments to determine current state performance levels; and analyzing/synthesizing data from CPEC-based assessments, the USCG Organizational Assessment Survey (OAS), climate surveys, management and employee interviews, observations, and Coast Guard Business Intelligence (CGBI) system performance and readiness data;

(2) Conducting CPEC workshops, training, and consulting;

(3) Gaining alignment with Coast Guard management policies, practices, and relevant plans;

(4) Providing AOR-wide assistance with the Coast Guard’s Innovation Initiative and processes;

(5) Assisting commands/staffs to establish and use Coast Guard standard measures and CGBI;

(6) Enabling strategic planning and action planning;

(7) Supporting National Graduate School (NGS) student projects/efforts within their AOR;

(8) Encouraging and aiding process improvement;

(9) Performing high-level facilitation to support specific improvement efforts;

(10) Designing and delivering tailored products to assist command and staff customers to achieve their stated outcomes;

(11) Providing a repository of leadership, performance excellence, management, and facilitation tools, references, and resources, such as, book and video libraries;

(12) Unit Leadership and Development Program coaches / advisors.

Please accept our invitation to contact us directly at the telephone number or e-mail address:

CWO2 Kurt Kolar, USCG
Office: 305-415-6719

Mr. Joe Fierro, CTP
Office: 305-415-6698


Contact us for comments and inquiries about accessibility for persons with disabilities, email our coordinator . For questions or comments about this web site, please e-mail the D7 Webmaster.
Last Modified 12/4/2013