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Security Levels

Welcome to Air Station Clearwater

C130 landing

Inbound Personnel

Members arriving after hours or on the weekend should have the OOD endorse their original orders.

 Bring the following items for initial check-in:

- Original Orders and any amendments
- Hotel Receipts for TLE dates
- Government Travel Card
- Alaska Marine Highway Receipts (If applicable)
- Airline Receipts (If applicable)
- Current Address
- Previous Address
- Dependents Names and Dates of Birth
- Addresses and Phone Numbers of SGLI Beneficiaries
- Addresses and Phone Numbers of Parents
- Birth and Marriage Certificates of Any Dependents Added during Travel Time
- Government Passport (RED), Tourist Passport (Blue) or Original Passport
- Parent’s Birth Dates and Places of Birth (if you do not have a valid Government Passport)

 During check-in, you will be completing the following paperwork:

1) PCS Reporting Worksheet CG-2005
2) Travel Claim DD-1351-2
BAH/Housing Worksheet CG-2025
4) SGLI Election Form SGLI-8286
5) FSGLI Election Form SGLI-8286A
6) Record of Emergency Data CG-2020D
7) Qualification to Possess Firearms Form DD-2760
8) Government Travel Card Application
(if necessary) All Hands are REQUIRED to have a travel card.
9) Government Passport (if necessary)
10) Automated Information System Acknowledgement Form

 Members are responsible for updating their contact information inDirect Access.

 Members are also responsible for updating their information in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS). This can be completed by calling (800) 538-9552 or online using your CAC card at

 Bring the following if you completed a PPM(DITY) move:

1) Vehicle Registrations for all Vehicles Used in Personally Procured Move (Includes Trailers) (PPM) (PPM Only)
2) Vehicle Rental Contracts (PPM Only)
3) Signed PPM Authorization DD-2278 (Signed by Transportation Officer at place of origin) (PPM Only)
4) Certified Weight Ticket with Vehicle Empty from site of origin (PPM Only)
5) Certified Weight Ticket with Vehicle Full from site of origin (PPM Only)
6) Receipts for: Tolls, Fuel, Packing Materials, Rental Vehicles and Temporary Storage (PPM Only)

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Last Modified 5/7/2015