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Welcome to Air Station Clearwater

C130 landing

Whether you are coming to Clearwater for a period of TAD or permanently relocating here for duty, I am sure you will enjoy the professional atmosphere, unique community, beautiful climate, and opportunity for professional and individual development.

We are the largest and busiest Air Station in the Coast Guard. In addition to the Tampa Bay Area, our Area of Operations includes the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean basin, and the Bahamas. We constantly maintain deployed H-60s for Operation Bahamas Turks and Caicos (OPBAT), a joint DEA, Coast Guard, Bahamian, and Turks and Caicos anti-drug and migrant smuggling operation in the Bahamas. We also deploy C-130s for JIATF operations in the Caribbean. This is done while simultaneously maintaining a constant Bravo Zero Search and Rescue response at home.

These additional operations ensure that our motto "Anywhere, Anytime" well describes your tour here. Come prepared for an adventure.

The links below will assist you in starting your travels or transfer. Good luck on your move. Please pass any suggestion you have for improving our site to our Information Resource Management Division.

Choosing Where to Live

If you are not from this area, choosing a place to settle down for the next couple of years can be a daunting task. The Air Station is located in Clearwater, which is in Pinellas County and surrounded by Hillsborough County to the east-northeast, Pasco and Hernando Counties to the north, and Manatee County to the south.

The links provided contain information about each county and will hopefully be helpful in deciding where to relocate. Each county has pros and cons associated with living in them, and while the internet is a useful tool we highly recommend speaking with someone at the unit who is living there now or has lived there in the past. Your sponsor is a great source of information.

Schools Find out more information about the schools in the local area:
Pinellas, Hillsborough, Pasco, Hernando, Manatee, Florida

For local area information and classified advertisements utilize the following links:

Tampa Tribune

Tampa Bay Times

Tampa Bay Online

For more information and housing office contacts visit the housing office website

Last Modified 2/26/2015