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Housing Department

2 Bedroom House 3 Bedroom Single Story House 3 Bedroom Two Story House 4 Bedroom House Housing Pictures

Air Station Borinquen Housing Office - (787) 890-8470
Coast Guard Sector San Juan HHG Coordinator - (787) 729-2316

US Coast Guard Housing

Base housing is located less than a mile from the Air Station.  Housing Units are comprised of 2, 3, and 4 bedroom family quarters.  All 2-bedroom and a few 3-bedroom units are duplex quarters.  Quarters are governed by family size as outlined in COMDTINST M11101.13F, and applicable station instructions Air Station Borinquen Housing Manual. All Coast Guard active duty personnel, either accompanied or unaccompanied, are expected to live in Coast Guard owned housing upon acceptance of orders to Air Station Borinquen.  Waivers may be approved on a case-by-case basis and a written release is required prior to procuring housing in the local community.  Current Inter-Service Support Agreements (ISSA's) provide housing to Army and Air Force personnel/families.

If you plan to send an express (unaccompanied baggage) shipment prior to your move to Puerto Rico, it is suggested that it be shipped at least six to eight weeks prior to your arrival.  Experience has shown that express shipments do not always arrive before the regular shipment of household goods.  It is recommended that members bring sufficient clothes and uniforms and hand carry essential items on flights.

Air Station Borinquen Housing is currently undergoing a multi-phase rehabilitation process. The first phase (4 and 2 bedroom homes) is expected to be completed in August 2014.  The second phase (4 and 3 bedroom homes) is expected to start in May 2014.  During this phased project, Mandatory Assignment is still required and the Housing Office is doing everything to assign inbound members to these renovated homes.  Please expect to be in Guest Housing or on TLA for possibly 60 days until the homes are released to the Coast Guard for occupancy.


All incoming personnel must submit applications for Family and UPH housing.  As soon as you are notified of transfer orders, it is important that you:

1. Fill out a Housing Application (CG-5267).

2. Obtain a copy of your BAH Dependency Data Form from your Yeoman.

3. Obtain a copy of your completed Orders.

4. Fax forms to the Housing Office at (787) 890-8463.

To ensure your relocation goes smoothly, direct communication with the housing office is strongly encouraged.  Your sponsor is also an important asset to answer general inquiries and to bring up areas of concern in regard to the Borinquen housing area.


Family housing units are equipped with air conditioners, electric stoves, and refrigerators; however, you may ship your own refrigerator.  Accompanied personnel must provide their own washer/dryer.  While almost any type of furniture is acceptable, you should keep in mind that Puerto Rico is in the tropics and that termites and corrosion are a threat.  Since storage space is limited in family units, consider the possibility of leaving a portion of your household goods (HHG’s) in government non-temporary storage INCONUS.  It is highly recommended that personnel check with housing and/or your sponsor before shipment of your HHG's.  Consider acquiring renter's insurance before shipment and storage of your HHG's, most policies will not cover items put in storage if insurance is obtained after your move.  Check with your insurance company for specific coverage and requirements.


There is an administrative weight limitation per the Joint Federal Travel Regulations (JFTR) for members E-6 and below assigned to UPH.  Shipment of HHG’s for E-6 and below may not exceed 2500 lbs. Members in pay grade E-7 and above have the option of shipping their own HHG’s up to the prescribed weight allowance, or they may elect to receive a fully furnished house and place their HHG’s in non-temporary storage.  Partially furnished UPH quarters will normally not be provided for these members.  Pets are not allowed in any UPH house.

UPH quarters, which are fully furnished, include the following:
(for a complete listing please contact the housing office 787-890-8470)

1. Bedroom - Queen size bed, dresser with mirror, desk with hutch, night
   table and lamp.

2. Living/Dining Room - Full sofa, love seat, two end tables, table with
   chairs and an entertainment center.

3. Appliances - Each UPH unit is equipped with a washer, dryer,
   refrigerator and stove as well as air conditioners in both the living
   room and bedrooms.

4. Cable/Internet - Each unit contains a 40 inch Television and basic
   cable and internet service connections.

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