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Information updated 9 October 2014

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TRICARE Service Center Walk-In Service Ending

Walk-in service ended at TRICARE Service Centers in the U.S. on April 1, 2014.

For additional information, click on the link below:

Congratulations to the following personnel on passing their End-of-Course Test (EOCT):

Passed Exams/Congratulations

LT Alex Currie A/S Miami


ME2 Nicolas Acuna TACLET South


MEC Joseph Dumm TACLET South EPME8
YN2 Rhiannon McCloud A/S Miami EPME6

And if you’ve just finished a College Degree Program and received your degree or have any other noteworthy academic achievement you would like us to recognize, please let us know so we can recognize you for it.

IT1 Allen McDonald ESD Miami Associates Degree
AMT2 David Hetticher A/S Miami Associates Degree

Educational Information

* The Coast Guard Foundation Education Grant (CGFEG) program is for active duty E-3 to E-9 and reserve E-3 to E-9 currently serving on active duty orders of at least one year.  The maximum reimbursement per calendar year (CY) is $500.00.  There is no time in service requirement for active duty personnel. 

* The Vander Putten Education Grant (VPEG) program is for active duty members E-3 to E-9 and reserve members E-3 to E-9 currently serving on active duty orders of at least one year.  The total annual donation of the VPEG will be set by the Vander Putten Family and the Coast Guard Foundation.  Awardees can receive up to $250.00 per calendar year (CY) in addition to the CGFEG.  Applicants must have received full reimbursement of $500.00 during the same calendar year under the CG Foundation Education Grant Program  (CGFEG).

* The University of Oregon Bookstore Education Grant (UOBEG) program is for active duty members E-3 to E-9 and reserve members E-3 to E-9 currently serving on active duty orders of at least one year, and all officers.  This is the only educational grant program administered by the CG Institute for which officers are eligible.  The total annual donation to the University of Oregon Bookstore (UOBEG) will be set by the University of Oregon.  The total calendar year (CY) reimbursement limit is $500.00 per eligible member.  UOBEG applicants must have served in a designated Southwest Asia combat zone for 30 consecutive days or 60 non-consecutive days in the calendar year (CY).  Members do not have to be currently serving in the combat zone.  They can apply for this grant annually upon return to the states. A qualified member can receive a UOBEG, and if enlisted CGFEG and VPEG in the same calendar year. 

* The Marine Science Education Grant (MSEG) program is for active duty members E-3 to E-9 and reserve members E-3 to E-9 currently on active duty orders of at least one year.  Eligible members must be in the Marine Science Technician (MST) rating.  The total donation to the Marine Science Education Grant (MSEG) will be set by the Coast Guard Foundation.  The total calendar year (CY) reimbursement limit is $500.00 per eligible member.  A MST can receive a MSE, CGFEG and VPEG in the same calendar year.

** Each of these programs provides reimbursement for textbooks and miscellaneous expenses.  A not all-inclusive list of commonly claimed expenses can be found here:

*** Eligible members who want to apply for any of these grants need to submit the a CGI Form 1560/10a and may be submitted throughout the year until the individual cap is reached.  This form should also be used for members applying for a MSEG and UOBEG.  The board will review your rate and if you performed duty in a designated Southwest Asia combat zone to determine if you are eligible for these grants.  Please ensure that you attach legible copies of itemized receipts showing the cost and description of items being claimed.  Receipts cannot be more than 12 months old.  Grants are based on a calendar year vice fiscal year. 

**** The CG Institute keeps track of what grant the member is awarded.  Depending on which grant the member is eligible for, they will first exhaust the MSEG and UOBEG before exhausting the CGFEG and VPEG.

* The CGMA Supplemental Education Grant (SEG) program reimburses documented educational costs specifically required by a course of study.  Annually the CGMA Board of Control authorizes an amount available to each eligible client per calendar year.  The current amount is $250.00.  Multiple grants may be awarded up to the authorized amount throughout the calendar year.  Applications must be processed within 12 months of purchase date.  Each SEG applies to the currently calendar year, regardless of when costs when incurred.

All CGMA clients (active duty, reservists, civilians, auxiliary members and retirees) may apply for the SEG on behalf of themselves or their eligible family members.  The student must be:

- Enrolled in an undergraduate (associate/bachelor) degree program.
- Pursuing a VoTech program approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs or Department of Education.
- Seeking a General Equivalency Diploma (GED).

Qualifying expenses include the cost of normal fees, books, study guides, supplies, equipment and other documented educational costs directly related to the course of study. See your Education Services Officer (ESO) if you have questions.

* Excelsior College Students - The implementation of the new DoD MOU on September 5, 2014, has required Excelsior College to cease offering the 25% tuition waiver for US Coast Guard personnel.    Excelsior College has been informed by DoD that the practice of waiving the 25% tuition cost-share that US Coast Guard students must pay is considered a non-standard tuition rate that puts service members at risk of violating the ethics regulations for accepting gifts.

Effective immediately, Coast Guard students registering for an Excelsior College undergraduate level course using Coast Guard Tuition Assistance will be required to self-pay $62.50 per semester credit at time of registration.   Excelsior College participates in federal financial aid programs and offers scholarship programs of its own for which you may qualify.   To be considered for financial aid and scholarship programs, students must complete the US Department of Education's FAFSA application as a first step.  Detailed information on Excelsior College's financial aid and scholarship programs can be accessed at:

Please feel free to contact the Center for Military Education at 888-647-2388 (press 1351) or email if you have any questions or need assistance.

Air Station Miami OMBUDSMAN - Supporting CG Families

Since 1986, Ombudsmen have served as a vital link between Coast Guard families donating their time and energy to provide support, which enables execution of our many challenging missions.  In addition, Ombudsmen serve as a liaison between the commanding officer or the officer-in-charge and families to provide insight on the state of the unit, and to enable proactive response to minimize or preclude the impact family concerns may have on mission readiness.  Ombudsmen help to reduce social isolation among family members by providing direct communication to families and facilitating and promoting a healthy sense of community among Coast Guard members and their families. Contact:

Air Station Miami OMBUDSMAN:
Lindsey Zackman
Phone: 786-877-0394

Key West MWR

For a list of MWR Activities at NAS Key West, click on the following link for their updated Flyer:

NAS Key West Activities Flyer

Health Tip Of The Week

Each week we will try to provide a "Health Tip Of The Week". This weeks tip can be found at the following website:

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