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MWR LotMorale Parking and Storage

Morale Storage Lot General Information (No vehicles allowed unless secured on top of a trailer)

Lot Rental Fees are $30.00 a month per parking spot. Payments are made to the Morale Office in two forms: Quarterly or Annually. Quarterly Payments = $90.00 for 3 months. Annual Payments = $330.00 for 12 months (one month free).

All authorized vehicles must place their issued Morale Lot Sticker on their property being stored. The sticker MUST be visible from the main aisle.

Anyone without an issued sticker or authorization will be towed at the owners expense. (Anyone behind in payments by a Quarter or more, MAY have their vehicle towed at owner's expense). In addition to towing expense, owners will also be responsible for the daily lot fees charged by the towing company.

Air Station Miami reserves the right to TOW any and all property at the owner's expense.

******Make All Checks Payable to: Air Station Miami Morale******


For more information on Air Station Miami Morale Parking and Storage Lot, click "here".

MWR Parking Lot Rules

1) SAFETY is paramount, and your assigned parking space shall be kept tidy at all times and free of miscellaneous, loose debris/items such as, but not limited to, tires, rims, engine blocks, etc.
2) Billing information shall be transmitted electronically.  Therefore, tenants are required to provide a reliable, accurate email address for that purpose.
3) Tenants are responsible for informing the Morale officer in a timely manner whenever contact information changes.
4) Personal property shall be secured to the cable tie-downs via chains throughout the year.
5) Vehicles, boats, trailers, etc. must be moveable at all times by their own power, trailer, or standard tow.  Flat tires and abandoned/derelict property are prohibited.
6) Vehicles on jacks, blocks, or any other temporary lifting device are prohibited.  A tenant may jack his/her vehicle for routine maintenance, but must be present in the space at all times.  Vehicles left unattended during jacking operations will be removed from the parking lot without chance of reinstatement.
7) Stand-alone camper shells and truck caps are prohibited.
8) Tenants choosing to secure their property with a lock shall provide the Morale officer with a duplicate key or combination to ensure emergency removal.
9) Property shall be stored in assigned space only.  Immediately notify the Morale officer if someone is using your assigned space.
10) Tenants are responsible for damage to their property.
11)  Any tenant not in compliance with the above rules will be evicted in accordance with the MWR Parking Lot Instruction

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Last Modified 6/6/2013