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Welcome to Facilties Engineering

Facilities Engineering

Air Station Miami uses an online computerized maintenance management system (Maximo) to document and plan facility work orders since the department receives over 4500 requests annually. To create a facility work request for corrective action:

  • Submit a work request via Air Station Miami’s website
    Work Order Request Form

  • If it’s an emergency (i.e. major water leak, AC inop, etc.) then call the FACENG front desk at x2172 to report it immediately.

  • Work Order Request Priorities:
    1. Emergency
    2. Urgent / 5 Calendar Days
    3. High / 20 Calendar Days
    4. Routine / 45 Calendar Days
    5. Backlog / 100 Calendar Days
    6. Not Time Restrictions

For alterations or changes to the building infrastructure, contact the Facility Engineer at x2326 for approval.

Materials and supplies are available at the DC shop or EM shop for self-help projects such as interior office painting, and hanging miscellaneous decorative items.

Hazmat Officer

For ALL personnel
Please familiarize yourself with the decision matrix for spill response (First step is to call the ODO). 
Know the locations of spill kits on the base (in front of FACENG cage, fuel farm, on the ramp, FW hanger, RW hanger).

DO NOT dispose of any chemicals, cleaners, spent fluorescent bulbs, lead-acid, Lithium, and Ni-Cad batteries, unless you are aware of the proper disposal method (i.e. garbage, recycle, DRMO, etc.)

ASBESTOS:  There are several areas on the base that contain asbestos.  These areas are not hazardous to personnel unless the asbestos is disturbed.  DO NOT begin any bldg maintenance or construction without first checking with the Facilities Engineer for proper approval.

FACENG personnel:  Please contact the HAZMAT Officer for MSDS/HAZMAT awareness training.

AIRCREW personnel:  Please see the HAZMAT Petty Officer in AMO (x4645) for MSDS/HAZMAT awareness training.

Parking Policies

Parking at Air Station Miami is divided into 6 categories:

  • Reserved parking for individuals/command use
  • Controlled spaces for special use (TACLET/GVs)
  • MWR spaces for long/short term storage of vehicles and boats
  • Deployed crew parking
  • Visitors, General parking

Air Station personnel shall not park in visitor spaces.

Key Request

Click here to access the key request form.

Chief Master-at-Arms(CMAA)/Uniformed Personal Housing (UPH) Policies

The 1st floor of Building 160, west wing, is dedicated to Airmen berthing.  The Facilities Engineering Chief (DCC), will assign rooms and issue room keys.  The 1st deck lounge is for airmen and transient personnel only.  Linen can be obtained from the JOOD.

The UPH officer and CMAA will hold room inspections the 1st week of the month and more frequently as needed.

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Last Modified 9/9/2015