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Puerto Rico General Information

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

1. How many POV's can I ship?
You are authorized to ship one POV to Puerto Rico.

2. What are my options in regards to my HHG? Can I ship all of them?
     Can I ship part and put the other in storage?
     If I put the HHG in storage, will the government pay the storage fee?
Yes, you can do both. You can ship all or part of your HHG and put the rest in storage.
However, the maximum weight limitations still apply whether you ship or put your HHG
in storage. For more information, contact your transportation officer.

3. Is anybody going to sponsor me in my new duty station?
    How can I find out who my sponsor will be?
Yes, you will be notified by letter of the requirements of entry approval and the name and
phone number of your sponsor. Additionally, if you have questions about Borinquen,
you can call the Air Station for info 787-890-8400.
Or visit the PCS page on the Air Station Main Page.

4. What type of duty will I stand?
Duty status depends on rate and shift. For best info talk to your sponsor.

5. Are there any schools we can attend at night?
Some classes are available. Most classes in Puerto Rico are taught in Spanish.
See the Educational Services section of this package for more information.

6. How about overseas allowances?
Members stationed at Borinquen are currently receiving Cost of Living Allowance.
For more information on the entitlement contact you nearest PERSRU.

7. What's the housing situation?
     Is gov't housing available?
     If not, can we live off base?
     Is it safe to live off base?
Government quarters are available; see the housing section of this package.
If you have any further questions, contact your sponsor and/or the housing office.

8. Should I keep my bank stateside?
Most people keep their bank stateside because of the variety of service and direct deposit.
However, there is a local bank that can provide most of the same service and also participates
in the direct deposit program. If you want to change to a local bank, do not close your
stateside bank account until you have completely transferred your direct deposit to a local bank.

9. What is the transit time on POV shipment to Puerto Rico?
Time varies, but normally 30-40 days.

10. What is the transit time on HHG shipment to Puerto Rico?
Again, time varies but normally 50-60 days.

11. I just got my PCS message, where do I start? Admin, Supply, Medical, PRU, etc?
Start in Admin and fill out your PCS questionnaire. Admin will then direct you to your next step.
You can also visit the PCS info page.

12. What is there to do in Puerto Rico for myself and my dependents?
      What can we bring that's available here but not on the island to make out life more comfortable?
This is a good question for your sponsor. Most items you may need are available here.
There are many things to do in Puerto Rico. If your sponsor shares different interests than you, he/she should be able to check around for the info you need.


Last Modified 3/4/2009