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Puerto Rico General Information

Entry Approval Process

After receiving your orders to Air Station Borinquen, the most important step is to obtain an Entry Approval for shipment of your household goods and POV. Once the Official Entry Approval is complete, the Command assigns a sponsor to you and your dependents. An assigned sponsor to Borinquen is much more than a courtesy; it’s a necessity. A tour in Puerto Rico will be an exciting time for both you and your family. However, this can all be overshadowed by difficulties such as phone set up, language barriers, tropical storms, and the absence of a few typical continental luxuries.

All members PCS inbound must request Entry Approval in accordance with chapter4-H, PERSONNEL MANUAL. For shipment of household goods, dependents' concurrent travel, and shipment of a privately owned vehicle, see Chapter 5, part D&E of the JFTR.

All members transferring overseas must meet the criteria as stated in the Personnel Manual. To expedite your entry approval, it is very important that the proper documents and interviews be conducted in a timely manner.

Make sure you meet all the requirements for assignment to OUTCONUS duty,before you depart your present duty station. Article 4-E-6, CG Personnel Manual requirements are of particular importance. If you are bringing dependents, you must have sufficient obligated service for an "accompanied" tour when you leave CONUS.

You must be interviewed by the CO of your departing command to insure the suitability of yourself and dependents for overseas transfer. See section 4-E-2, CG Personnel Manual, COMDTINST M1000.6A. Please ensure this is done properly to avoid problems.

Check to insure all DEERS information is current on all of your dependents. Our medical facilities are small and very limited! If you or a family member need frequent or special medical treatment, entry approval may be denied.

Although the process to obtain entry approval is quite involved, rest assured that we have done everything possible to make this an easy to follow process. Furthermore, we have provided you with an easy to follow Entry Approval Checklist for transfering command's.

This, and many other useful forms can be found in our Forms page. By printing and using the Entry Approval Checklist, you can greatly simplify and expedite the entry approval process. If during this time you, or your command, have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your Sponsor or our Admin Department at (787) 890-8488 for assistance.


Last Modified 3/4/2009