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Congratulations on your orders to Air Station Borinquen!
You can look forward to the most interesting duty and some of the most beautiful and unique liberty opportunities that you will find anywhere in the world.

To help you during your transfer, you will be provided a sponsor that has been specially trained to make your transition smooth and enjoyable.

We have provided a number of site links to help answer questions that you may have regarding school, daycare, employment opportunities and more.

All Coast Guard active duty personnel, either accompanied or unaccompanied, are expected to live in Coast Guard owned housing upon acceptance of orders to Air Station Borinquen.  Housing applications must be faxed to our housing office at (787) 890-8471.  Accompanied personnel must provide their own washer/dryer units.  Unaccompanied personnel (UPH) are not authorized full weight allowance.  UPH personnel are required to live in CG Housing and their quarters are fully furnished to include washer/dryer units.  Pets are not authorized for UPH.

Those desiring to reside off base must first submit a special request chit to the housing office via the command and are cautioned against making financial commitments prior to obtaining approval to live off-base.  Chits should be routed via the department chain of command, Housing Officer, Facilities Engineer, then to the Executive Officer.  Per ALCOAST 016/13, waivers may be approved on a case-by-case basis by the Area Housing Authority.  The reasonable commuting distance for active duty personnel shall not exceed 30 miles from the Air Station.  For any questions regarding housing matters, contact the Housing Office directly at (787) 890-8470.

Temporary Guest quarters are usually available.  It is essential that you or your sponsor make advanced guesthouse reservations if your housing unit will not be ready upon your check-in. Reservations can be made at (787) 890-8492.

Upon Arrival

Government quarters are usually available for everyone.  While your permanent quarters may not be immediately available, there are normally guest quarters available on base where you can live until permanent quarters are ready.  You should check in with Admin and the Housing Office as soon as possible upon arrival.  Depending upon regulations in effect during your move you may be entitled to Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA).  If permanent housing is not immediately available, TLA can help the financial situation considerably.  The purpose of TLA is to partially reimburse service personnel for the more than normal expenses incurred with hotel or motel accommodations and public restaurants.  Eligibility requirements vary.  Check with Admin when you report in for your eligibility.  Members in pay grade E-4 with over two years of service having an active duty obligation of 6 years or more, E-4 over four years of service, and E-5 and above may claim TLA.  TLA ENTITLEMENTS START AFTER THE MEMBER HAS CHECKED INTO THE UNIT.

Due to delays in transferring records, all incoming personnel should have sufficient funds for a minimum of 60 DAYS.  Direct deposit is the key to survival.  The exchange (CGES) cashier can cash large checks on a case-by-case basis, normal limit $200.


Last Modified 3/27/2013