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Coast Guard Motor Life Boat 47'

47' Motor Life Boat

The 47-foot MLB is the replacement vessel of the Coast Guard's aging 44-foot MLB. Is is primarily designed as a fast response rescue rescue in high seas, surf, and heavy weather environments. With safety in mind, 13 water-tight compartments were constructed. Similar to the 44-foot MLB, the 47-foot MLB can self-right in only 30 seconds. With state of the art electronically controlled engines, fuel management systems and integrated electronics suite, including 4 coxswain control stations, the 47-foot MLB has become the ideal platform for operations in extreme at seas weather conditions. With construction completed, 117 47-foot MLBs are in service throughout the Coast Guard Rescue Station community, serving the public.

Coast Guard Defender Class 25'

25' RB-S

Originally developed as a replacement for 300 shore based non-standard boats, the RB-S has additionally become the platform to increase the long term HLS capability at shore stations in the wake of the tragic event of September 11, 2001. The RB-S is very similar to the rapidly procured RB-HS boat, but with dozens of improvements to include a reinforced bow, full shock mitigating seating, larger cabin and LED navigation lights. The RB-S is being produced at over 100 boats per year and will eventually replace all shore based non-standard response boats and the RB-HS boats assigned to the Coast Guard's Maritime Safety and Security Teams (MSST). The RB-S acquisition may provide up to 700 standard response boats, making it one of the largest boats buys of its type in the world. Several RB-S boats have already been ordered by other HLS Department agencies and foreign countries for their maritime homeland security missions.

Coast Guard SPC-SW 24'

 24' SPC-SW

The SPC-SW is a joint Coast Guard and CBP acquisition that was started in October 2006. The intent of the acquisition was to recapitalize SPC-SW allowances with a standard special purpose craft that provides increased capabilities. This platform was competed in an aggressive two phased acquisitions process. The contract was awarded to Metal Shark Aluminum Boats, who also manufactures the 26' Trailerable Aids to Navigation Boat (TANB).

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