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Station Cape May  

Reporting Aboard

Congratulations and welcome to Station Cape May! Cape May is one of the largest small boat stations on the east coast with a large contingent of reserve personnel. Cape May, NJ is a national historic landmark and it is the No. 2 spot on the east coast for scallops that are the third-most valuable catch nationally, behind crabs and salmon. Cape May is located at Exit '0' of the Garden State Parkway as a seaside resort that draws visitors from around the world. It was recognized as one of America's top ten beaches and in the summer, its population expands by as many as 40-50,000 visitors.  

As one of fourteen tenant commands located on TRACEN Cape May - the birthplace of the coast guard's enlisted corps, we're very fortunate to operate out of a brand new eleven million dollar multi-mission building that sits on the waterfront of Cape May harbor. We have access to the newly renovated Coast Guard Exchange Marketplace that has a selection of groceries, child development center, medical/dental clinic, all hands club, work-life staff, administration office, a large gym, swimming pool, fishing access and multiple MWR sponsored activities. Upon arriving you can expect to be given the boat crew physical assessment within your first two weeks. If you have any questions in regards to your specific requirements, please call your sponsor. Also, you can consider the following information below to make your transition easier. 

The Training Center Cape May website: will provide you with information regarding different departments within the TRACEN.

The local newspapers are:
    Cape May County Herald
    Star and Wave

Real estate agencies in the area include:
     Homestead Real Estate
    Dellas Real Estate
    Jersey Cape Realty, Inc.
    Coastline Realty
    Tolz Realtors
    Wilsey Realty, LLC.

Hospitals in the area:
    Cape May Regional Medical Center located in Cape May Court House, NJ
    Shore Memorial Hospital located in Somers Point, NJ
     Atlanticare Regional Medical Center located in Pomona, NJ

Schools in the Area:
    LCMR School District
    Lower Township Elementary Schools
    Cape May City Elementary

Travel distances to nearby cities:
    Cape May, NJ to Atlantic City, NJ about 50 miles
     Cape May, NJ to Philadelphia, PA about 95 miles
     Cape May, NJ to New York, NY about 160 miles

Local airports:
     Atlantic City international airport
    Philadelphia international airport

City Information
     The Township of Lower
    Lower Township Police Department
    The City of Cape May

Your sponsor will contact you by phone to discuss your upcoming PCS. Please provide a phone number to your sponsor as soon as possible to discuss your travel arrangements once they are made, so they can provide you assistance as needed. You can obtain additional basic reporting and unit information here. We look forward to welcoming you aboard and having you as a member of our team! 

Last Modified 12/21/2015