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Sector Field Office Cape Hatteras Logo Image

Sector Field Office (SFO) Cape Hatteras provides logistical support to all Coast Guard assets on the Outer Banks of North Carolina and to the Small-boat Station and Marine Safety Team (MST) located at Elizabeth City.

All support is closely coordinated with the Logistics Department Head and the respective Division Officers within Administration, Supply and Engineering at Sector North Carolina. SFO Cape Hatteras also coordinates support through MLCLANT, ISC Portsmouth, SUPTCEN Elizabeth City, CEU Cleveland, and NESU Portsmouth. The SFO’s primary services include naval, electrical and civil engineering, housing management, financial management, medical support, and administrative/human resources assistance. SFO Cape Hatteras coordinates local Coast Guard preparations for natural disasters, and acts as the primary liaison to the local community, other government agencies and local maritime stakeholders.


The mission of Coast Guard Sector Field Office Cape Hatteras is to provide comprehensive and fiscally responsible logistical support to all Coast Guard units within our Area of Responsibility. We exist so that the operational units can focus on mission, training, and readiness. By aggressively executing our support duties, we assure that mariners and the marine environment along the coastal and inland waterways of the outer banks are protected by reliable Coast Guard assets. During Hurricanes and other regional emergencies, SFO Cape Hatteras will represent the Coast Guard within the local ICS structure and will lead repair efforts on Coast Guard assets so that field units can effectively respond to maritime distress in the aftermath of the disaster.


SFO Cape Hatteras was the first “logistics only” Sector detachment in the Coast Guard. We are and will continue to be the standard by which all other Field Offices are judged. We are a fully mobile support unit capable of providing a myriad of services to all operational units in the northern AOR. Personnel assigned to Coast Guard Sector Field Office will be customer-driven, professional, and responsible in all actions. As stewards of taxpayer dollars, we will continually seek methods to improve the efficiency of our operation. Sector Field Office Cape Hatteras will be always ready to meet the unexpected. All Threats, All Hazards, Always Ready.

Contact Information

          X100- SFO Supervisor
X101- Command Senior Chief/Engineering Supervisor
X102- Admin
X103- Medical
X104- Supply

Mailing address
SFO Cape Hatteras
114 Wood Hill Drive
Nags Head, NC 27959
Last Modified 1/12/2016