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The boundary of Sector North Carolina Marine Inspection Zone and COTP zone starts at the sea on the North Carolina-Virginia border at 36 degrees 33 minute N. Latitude, 75 degrees 52.5 minutes W. Longitude, and proceeds westerly along the North Carolina-Virginia boundary to the Tennessee boundary;  Thence southwesterly along the North Carolina-Tennessee boundary to the Georgia boundary; Thence easterly along the North Carolina- Georgia boundary to the South Carolina boundary; thence easterly along the North Carolina-South Carolina boundary on the sea at 36 degrees 32.69 minutes N. latitude, 75 degrees 50.17 minutes W. longitude. The offshore boundary starts at the North Carolina-South Carolina border and proceeds southeasterly to the outermost extent of the EEZ at 30 degrees 54.93 minutes N. latitude, 73 degrees 00.06 minutes W. longitude; Thence northeasterly along the outermost extent of the EEZ to a point at 36 degrees 33 minutes N. latitude, 67 degrees 44.09 minutes W. longitude; Then west to the North Carolina-Virginia border at the point 36 degrees 33 minutes N latitude, 75 degrees 52.5 minutes W.

721 Medical Center Drive
Suite 100
Wilmington, NC  28401

(910) 343-3880 Phone
(910) 343-3891 Fax

24-Hour Operations Center
910) 362-4015
Search & Rescue, Law Enforcement or Marine Casualty
Oil/HAZMAT Spill, Port Security or other Marine Emergency Report

Last Modified 4/20/2015