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USCG Sector Delaware Bay

1 Washington Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19147
(215) 271-4800

Normal Hours of Operation
0730 - 1600

Change of Command



Sector Delaware Bay was established in 2005 through the merging of Group Philadelphia and MSO Philadelphia. Sector Delaware Bay operates as an Integrated Operations Command, responsible for almost 570 active duty personnel and 195 reservists, in that all our operational missions are combined under one command.  This command structure allows for great flexibility and responsiveness in conducting our daily operations and provides "one stop shopping" to our local customers for all Coast Guard missions.  In keeping with the "Team Coast Guard" concept of operations, Sector Delaware Bay has thoroughly integrated the Active Duty, Reserve and Auxiliary components of Team Coast Guard into one cohesive operations team.


"Sector Delaware Bay will be the Coast Guard's leader in providing a skilled, confident, and motivated team of multi-mission professionals who will spearhead innovative solutions to the myriad of complex issues in the maritime domain of the 21st Century."

Area of Responsibility

Sector Delaware Bay has a tri-state area of responsibility (AOR) that encompasses portions of the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware and includes the busy commercial ports of Philadelphia and Wilmington. The unit's AOR extends 200NM out from the coastline.

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Subordinate Units

Sector Delaware Bay is the parent command for:

  • Six Stations

  • Two Aids-To-Navigation Teams (ANT)

  • Three 87' Coastal Patrol Boats (WPB)

  • Two 65' Small Harbor Tugs (WYTL)

  • One Sector Field Office

  • One Marine Safety Detachment

24-Hour Operations Center - (215) 271-4940

For Media Inquiries - (757) 434-6043

For Search & Rescue, Law Enforcement, or Marine Casualties, call (215) 271-4940.

For oil or HAMZAT spills, Port Security, or other Marine Emergency Report, call (215) 271-4807.
  • Report Oil and Hazardous Materials spills to the National Response Center's 24-hour Emergency Report Line at (800) 424-8802
Emergency Foul Weather Line: (215) 271-4900.

For Ice Conditions and Reports, contact: (215) 271-4814 / FAX: (215) 271-4878, or you may visit the
Ice Report Page.
Ice Condition Hotline Contact: (215) 271-4995.

For all other questions, you may call (215) 271-4807.

CG Recruiters Information

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