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Portsmouth, Virginia

  Photo Chaplain LCDR Edward Bass

LCDR Edward Bass
Office: 757-686-2160

Chaplain's Office is located at BSU Portsmouth


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                                                                                                                                                   CREDO (NORFOLK) NAVY REGION MID-ATLANTIC                                                  Retreats/Workshops For Calendar Year 2013
                                                                                                                                                All retreats are free, including room and meals.                                                                               All CREDO retreats are open to all active duty military and their immediate family members, and members of reserve components in an active status and their immediate family members. 

Please view the back page for a short description of all retreats. All retreats are held Friday to Sunday unless otherwise noted.

Pre-registration is required; call 757-444-7654/1091 to register or for information.

Personal Growth Workshops (BEARINGS) Per BEARING’s schedule

*Retreat Registration Commences 45 Days Prior to the Retreat*                    RETREATS MARKED WITH AN * ARE TENTATIVELY SCHEDULED                                        

Retreat Descriptions: All retreats are free and include meals and housing. Transportation is provided to the PGR, SGR, SR, WR, and as needed to the WTR. Registration is open for all retreats. However, we do not take registration for Marriage Enrichment Retreats until two months before their scheduled date.

Personal Growth Retreat (PGR) - Participants often described PGRs as a positive “turning point” in their lives. PGRs provide a safe-space and a proven opportunity for self-reflection and development of new personal and spiritual viewpoints on life issues. This retreat is not designed to fix or diagnose problems; rather it is an opportunity for participants to find hope and healing through the sharing of their story in a supportive community process.

Marriage Enrichment Retreats (MER) - MERs focus on deepening married couple’s commitment, self-understanding and of each other while ensuring space for individual couple time. Couples are responsible for setting up their own childcare. MERs help enrich marriages and are not a substitute for marital or individual counseling.

Family Enrichment Retreat (FER) - Families, in an interactive method, learn practical skills based on proven principals that can help resolve conflict, build encouragement within families and instill effective discipline to bring out the best in each family member. FERs include time for families to rest and play together. (The IA FER is reserved for families of recently returned IAs or that are deployed. The retreat includes space to address IA related issues.)

Women’s Retreat (WR) - The women’s retreat is specifically designed for women to reflect on their journey as a woman, their spiritual path in the company of other women and to re-energize for work and family. Through readings, small groups and other exercises women are helped to reconnect and as needed to look at their hopes, desires, fears and dreams.

PGW- The personal growth workshop is two days long and is included in the Navy’s BEARINGS program. Attendee’s are normally first or second term Sailors.

CREDO is a program of the Navy Chaplain Corps. The CREDO programs and personnel are operationally focused, family supportive, and flexible in the provision of ministry. The CREDO Midlant's efforts are designed to meet these service demands by 1) maximizing operational impact, 2) offering standard retreat and training programs, and 3) clarifying responsibilities. CREDO Retreats enhance the Navy Chaplain Corps goal of developing spiritually fit sea warriors and family who are trained in ethics, morally grounded, family supportive, spiritually ready, sustained in her/his religious freedom, and mission capable.

Visit us on Facebook at:!/pages/Chaplains-Religious-Enrichment-Development-Operation-Midlant/165440130187383

Professionals meeting the needs of the Coast Guard family through uncompromising service

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