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CGC IBIS (WPB 87338)






Congratulations on your orders to CGC IBIS. You can contact the unit OOD 609-898-6870 available 24hrs a day.

Sector Delaware Bay Cutter servicing Persue YN3 Joseph McGuigan Jr. can be reached at (215) 271-4992 M-F between the hours of 0800-1500.

Member is directed to check in with the OOD onboard the cutter . If the cutter is away fro m homeport member will check in with either the  CGC FINBACK OR CGC MAKO. Member will be advised if he/she has to check in with another unit prior to reporting. Uniform prescribed for check in is Tropical Blue Long with combination cover.

IBIS is a tenant command of Training Center Cape May, and as such enjoys a number of amenities that go along with the TRACEN. The following is a list of some things available for your use, and your dependent's use onboard the TRACEN:

Child Care Development Center
Coast Guard Exchange
Barber Shop/Beauty Salon
World Class Gym with indoor heated pool
Tennis Courts
Basketball Courts
Racquetball Courts
TRACEN Medical Clinic/Dental Clinic
MWR Program

Information for Members  without Dependents

Single members E-4 and below will receive a barracks room at the UPH located on base. Married members will be assigned government quarters located just outside the main gate.

Information for Members with Dependents

TRACEN Cape May has approximately 177 housing unit located right outside the front gate. They have 2, 3, and 4 bedroom units available. There is usually a lengthy waiting list. For more information on CG Housing, visit the TRACEN's website.

Cape May is designated as a Critical Housing Area. Members who transfer in to a Critical Housing Area may elect to leave their families at another location in civilian housing and request payment of Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) (and Conus COLA where applicable) be based on their dependents location or if the dependents have not moved incident to the PCS, at the rate applicable to the members previous PDS, whichever is to the member's advantage. This request must be in writing and approved by Commandant (G-wpm-2). For more information, see your current unit Yeoman before you depart your current unit.


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Last Modified 9/19/2013