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Our ELM Family Tree

The success of ELM's crew is rooted in their devotion and work ethic, but is also thanks to those at home who support us.

Without the support of family and friends, ELM might never have accomplished all this:

Elm Tree -Exceeded international standards for aids to navigation servicing availability for 235 buoys, which stretch from Shallotte, NC to Shark River, NJ.

-Completed 60 law enforcement boardings for fisheries, illegal immigration, and drug smuggling from New York to Cuba. The boardings resulted in the interdiction of 60 illegal immigrants and led to several significant safety and fisheries violation stops, including the catch seizure of an illegal scallop vessel off the New Jersey coast.

-Led all Coast Guard cutters in the recovery of oil while simultaneously performing extensive command and control functions during a six month deployment to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. ELM's achievements were recognized with a Unit Commendation presented by Commandant of the Coast Guard, Admiral Robert Papp.

-Saved four lives from an overturned recreational vessel off Cape Hatteras in February 2010.

-Completed six extended maintenance periods to renovate and restore nearly every shipboard system. Those efforts reduced unplanned maintenance by 95% and allowed ELM to be a lead responder across numerous missions.

We're deeply indebted to those who help us serve. Thank you.

If you're part of the ELM family and would like to contact us, please email the Public Affairs Officer at:




Last Modified 1/12/2016