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Command Philosophy

Command of ELM is a true honor. It is a privilege to serve our nation, in the primary mission of Aids to Navigation and all other missions that we as a crew become engaged with. Servicing Aids to Navigation throughout the 5th Coast Guard District and occasionally other regions enables billions of dollars of cargo to arrive or depart annually, globally and domestically, safely.

We will strive to be always prepared for any mission or tasking that we may receive. As the nations needs change, ELM and its crew will train and stand ready to meet any objective. Sometimes tasking is planned and there is time to prepare, other times there is short to no preparation time, hence Semper Paratus, we will be ready for the next challenge.

ELM is part of the entire Coast Guard team. Unless totally incapable, we will never pass an aid that is discrepant, whether it is our primary responsibility or not, without making an attempt to correct.

We, and the entire Coast Guard team, will work together to modernize and continuously improve ELM's material condition.

Coast Guard Core Values

Honor: Do the right thing! Everyone will do their best to care for our ship, shipmates, our families, the Coast Guard, and our nation.

Respect: Take care of each other. Treat others as professionals and the public with courtesy.

Devotion to Duty: Give your best at everything you do! Ask for help or lend a hand when needed. The finished product will resemble true professionalism that we are proud to associate our name with. I expect 100% from each of you and you should expect 150% from me.

Guiding Principles

Safety: Our work is most often done in a dangerous environment. Stay safe; keep your shipmates safe on and off duty and sound the alarm to all of us when you think we may be getting into "shoal" water. Do a risk assessment for anything you do individually and as a team!

Professionalism: Be a professional mariner! Have pride in being a member of the nation's oldest seagoing service. Stand a taut watch. Represent the Coast Guard, the command, yourself, and our nation with pride! Do something to help the community we live in, either as an individual or as a team.

Communication: We are all members of the command. If I don't know about something, I cannot correct or react to it. I will do my utmost to keep everyone informed quickly and accurately of scheduling and other timelines. I expect the same from you. If there is an even affecting your life or ability to perform 100% make sure a Chief, Department Head, Executive Officer, or myself are informed and you get a satisfactory response to your concer. My door is open to you and those that affect your life 24/7.

Have Fun: Take care of yourself. Always strive to move forward, personally and professionally. Make yourself and your shipmates promotable. Effectively utilize and grow personally through the use of tuition assistance or other resources that are yours for the asking. Enjoy your time on ELM. It will go very fast and hopefully will be a very rewarding assignment.

LCDR M.S. Palmer




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