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Security Levels

USCGC Beluga (WPB-87325)

Titam Littore Sistam

“I shall set you safe upon the shore.”


Photo Image crew working on deck Photo Image Crew Painting
Photo Image Crew Steam washing Photo Image Crew Sanding

The Deck department is comprised of (1)BM2, (1)BM3 and (2) Seamen. Inport they are mainly responsible for the preservation of the hull, deck and superstructure. However, they also splice all mooring lines used onboard, maintain the armory, conduct weekly pyrotechnic checks on the PFDs and PMS all Rescue and Survival gear.  While underway they are required to qualify and stand as a Quartermaster Of the Watch, Boat Crew Member and Boarding Team Member but should be able to obtain qualifications for Crewman of the Watch and Coxswain.


Image CGC Red Bar

Last Modified 1/12/2016