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Public Affairs Request

Air Station Atlantic City (ASAC) houses 10 helicopters, 60 pilots, and 300 enlisted and support personnel. Created in 1998 from the two decommissioned Air Stations, ASAC has a wide range of missions from Search and Rescue to helping to protect America's Capital. In addition, we provide Public Affairs services to support our community, the public, and our fellow Coast Guard units.

Public Affairs missions include:
1. Static Display
2. Search and Rescue Demonstration (SAR Demo)
3. Fly By
4. Tour of ASAC
5. Guest Speaker

Public Affairs missions are scheduled around the operational requirements of our unit and are subject to cancelation if operational necessities or restrictions arise. Note that the Aircraft Commander and Aircrew reserve the right to cancel missions, if weather or other unsafe factors provide an unacceptable level of risk. Requests made within two weeks of the event date are subject to denial.

  • Static Display
  • Search and Rescue (SAR) DEMO
  • Fly By
  • Tour of ASAC
  • Guest Speaker

A. Targeted at middle school and high school students or other venues in support of recruiting for the Coast Guard or in support ofthe U.S. Military.

B. Static Displays require a large landing zone free of obstacles and with firm ground.

C. Crowd control is required while the helicopter is landing or taking off.

D. Due to the operational requirements of the Coast Guard, provisions shall be prepared in case the crew needs to depart early.

E. Static Displays are not normally granted during holidays or the weekend.

Click here for Public Affairs Static Display Request Form

A. A 10 minute demonstration preformed over the water to display the operation capabilities of the helicopter in this regime of flight.

B. Depending on the crew and location, this may include lowering a Rescue Swimmer or Duck (aircrew member qualified to act as a 'survivor') into the water and demonstrating what a rescue might look like.

C. Scripts or information to be read during the demonstration can be provided upon request.

D. Requests to have the Rescue Swimmer carry items will not be approved.

E. SAR Demos require that a Cover Asset (boat) be on scene during the time of the demo. This can be local Law Enforcement, Fire/Rescue, or Coast Guard.

Click here for Public Affairs SAR DEMO Request Form

A. One or more aerial passes over your event.

B. Speed and altitude of the flight path is at the discretion of the flight crew and will include consideration of flight regulations, obstacles, event type, and safety of the crew.

Click here for Public Affairs Fly By Request Form

A. Targeted at students of all ages and community groups interested in learning about aviation, the Air Station, and the Coast Guard.

B. Tours can also be provided for family members of Active Duty and Veterans of all Services are welcome.

C. Individual school projects should include a specified focus and students should arrive with an appropriate amount of research completed, a bank of questions, and all required paperwork for their project.

D. Trips to the Air Station are normally limited to an hour and a half.

E. Visitors are more than welcome to have lunch in our veranda.

Click here for Public Affairs Tour of ASAC Request Form

A. Pilots and enlisted personnel from ASAC are from every part of the country and have a vast amount of experiences from varying levels of education and service in other branches of the Military.

B. Guest Speaking arrangements are focused on education of the community and students of all ages. If requested, the guest speaker will come equipped with a DVD or slideshow of educational material to assist in the presentation.

Guest Speaking arrangements can be made for any appropriate venue.

Click here for Public Affairs Guest Speaker Request Form

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