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Sector Juneau Strategic Principles

Operational Excellence

Mission Execution is job one. We will never forget that we are here to carry out the Coast Guard's missions. We will execute them with professionalism, integrity, and pride. As Guardians, we are charged to take care of people, resources, and the environment. We will always keep that at the forefront of our minds.


Sector Juneau will continue to unify Prevention and Response to meet the modernized Sector construct. We will develop the best possible training and qualifications for our duty officers, integrate our operations, and deliver the most efficient and effective service to the public. We will work with outlying units to help them meet standardization requirements. We will plan for consolidation of the Sector in Juneau as the final step in modernization. Ultimately, we will be one Coast Guard to the public we serve.


Sector Juneau is a team of nine outlying units and the Juneau staff. We represent active duty, reserve, civilian, and auxiliary components and we embrace that diversity. We will function as a team to optimize the efficient, safe, and secure prosecution of all operational missions.


Sector Juneau will support and seek out opportunities to partner with other Coast Guard units, government agencies, the maritime industry, and the community at large, to execute our missions. We will use partnerships to optimize our response and leverage resources. We will think outside the box when planning operations and will support our fellow federal and state agencies. We will adapt and respond to our customer needs through active engagement and facilitate safe and secure, private and commercial use of Southeast Alaska ports and waterways.

Public Affairs

Sector Juneau will emphasize and value public outreach and engagement. We will proactively work in strategic marketing arenas, engage the public on safety and security initiatives, and tell the story of the great work our Guardians do on a daily basis. We will always keep in mind we serve the American public.

Coastal Guardianship

We will build the Coast Guard workforce of the future that balances maritime risk and keeps the people and waters of Southeast Alaska safe and secure. To ensure superior mission performance, we will train, exercise our skills, and value how each individual and command contributes to the overall success of the Sector. As Guardians, we will also look inward and take care of each other personally and professionally. We will foster a Guardian spirit that is ready and willing to respond to all hazards and all threats.

709 W 9th St.
Suite 223B
JUNEAU, AK 99802
(907) 463-2980
Last Modified 1/12/2016